Artificial intelligence decision from ÖSYM

Artificial intelligence decision from ÖSYM

Measurement, Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) President Prof. Dr. Bayram Ali Ersoy said at the General Consultation and Training Meeting that the use of artificial intelligence will increase.

According to the statement of ÖSYM, Bayram Ali Ersoy made a presentation at the General Consultation and Training Meeting, where the exam practices and new projects to be held this year by the ÖSYM Presidency were evaluated. In the presentation, evaluations were made regarding the exams in practice and the projects in the preparation phase.

Ersoy announced that they aim to actively use artificial intelligence in ÖSYM’s exam practices:

“We have artificial intelligence experts in our team. We aim to benefit from these professors in the most efficient way. We have started our work in this field. This step we will take will enable all institutions to establish much more effective coordination in the exam processes. We will generate questions and make evaluations with artificial intelligence and this is a very important start in this field “It will make a great contribution to us conducting exams in much more efficient environments. While benefiting from artificial intelligence, we will not ignore the human factor, and we will maintain the balance between machine and human.”


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