As a result of awareness raising activities in Orum, false calls to 112 Emergency Call Center decreased.

As a result of awareness raising activities in Orum, false calls to 112 Emergency Call Center decreased.

In the press conference it held at the Orum 112 Emergency Call Center on February 11, 112 Day, Dal reminded that the 110, 112, 122, 155, 156 and 177 emergency call centers in the province were gathered under one roof at the 112 Emergency Call Center on January 27, 2021.

Stating that Orum is the 57th province where emergency calls are collected in a single center, Dal emphasized that 112 emergency calls are carried out with a local and national software developed by Turkish engineers.

Pointing out that it is important to gather the institutions providing emergency aid services under one roof, to intervene quickly in incidents and to strengthen inter-institutional coordination, Dal pointed out that false calls can cause delays.

Emphasizing that seconds are precious in emergency call services and that they are directly related to human life, Dal said, “Unfortunately, emergency call services have difficulty in achieving this purpose and mission due to false calls. The number 112 is free, can be reached 24/7 from anywhere and can be called without a SIM card.” “The 112 emergency call number is unnecessarily occupied by our tradesmen who deal with the phone for reasons such as testing whether the phone is working, querying the pin code, giving phones to children for gaming purposes, and carelessness, causing our citizens to suffer.” said.

Stating that awareness studies and punitive action practices have been carried out in order to minimize false calls, Dal said, “As a result of the practices carried out, our 112 Emergency Call Center ranks second in the rate of false calls in 2023 throughout Turkey, and ranks first in the monthly false call rate in 2024 with 29.85 percent, “It ranked first in the weekly false call rate with 28.85 percent. These results are a source of pride for us.” he said.

Underlining that although Orum 112 Emergency Call Center is the 57th center established in Turkey, it has come a long way in a short time, Dal said, “We are in a very good position in terms of providing fast and quality service to our people, remaining below the Turkish average in all our statistics. Thanks to the efforts of our staff and the support of our citizens.” “We will continue to be an exemplary province.” he used the expression.

Dal added that fines were imposed on 87 people who were determined to have made false reports to Orum 112.


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