Attack on Kharkiv on February 9

Attack on Kharkiv on February 9

The State Environmental Inspectorate inspects nine facilities in the city and region.

As a result of the Russian strikes on the reservoirs of the enterprise in the Nemyshlyan district of Kharkov, oil products leaked into the ecosystem. The Kharkov Regional Military Administration reports this.

According to preliminary data, about 3,000 tons of products were released into the environment. Employees of the State Economic Inspection took water samples at nine objects in Kharkiv and the region, namely in the Uda River. The samples were sent for express testing, which should determine the level of pollution and the presence of harmful substances.

Specialists have already developed an algorithm of actions to prevent the movement of harmful substances along the river that flows into the Seversky Donets – a designated place where port infrastructure barriers will be used, and water resources will be decontaminated with the help of a sorbent. It is noted that, according to the results of preliminary studies, petroleum products did not enter drinking water sources.

OVA decided to strengthen inspections and control measures at the places of storage, transportation and sale of oil products and other dangerous objects in the territory of the region.

The attack on Kharkiv on February 9: what is known

Let us remind you that on that night the Russian invaders attacked the city with unmanned aerial vehicles, fuel leaked and ignited, which led to a large-scale fire in people’s homes.

Kharkiv OVA reported that 15 private houses were completely burnt down in the fire. The fire claimed the lives of seven people, including three children.

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