Austria and Slovakia refused the pipeline to connect with Druzhba — UNIAN

Austria and Slovakia refused the pipeline to connect with Druzhba — UNIAN

The project provided for the construction of a 62-kilometer pipeline between the Shvekhat refinery and Bratislava.

Austrian company OMV and Slovak Transpetrol officially announced the termination of work on the Bratislava-Švehat oil pipeline project. This is reported by Kronen Zeitung.

“For about 20 years, the OMV company, together with the Slovak company Transpetrol, tried to connect the pipeline from Švechat through Slovakia directly to the Russian network. Now the project has been finally terminated,” the message says.

Officially, the project became a victim of the energy transition, which made the construction of an additional oil pipeline irrelevant. However, there are other reasons. First of all, it implies a full-scale war between Russia and Ukraine, which once again raised the question of Russia’s reliability as a partner.

Crude oil, which is transported to Austria, goes to the Schwechat Refinery of the OMV company. It goes there through the Adria-Vena pipeline. OMV initiated the route through Slovakia back in 2003. According to the plan, they wanted to build 62 km between Bratislava and Švehat, which would allow direct connection to the Druzhba oil pipeline and reduce the cost of transporting raw materials.

“Druzhba” oil pipeline: information

“Druzhba” is the largest oil pipeline in the world. Its total length is about 5,200 km, and its throughput is 2 million barrels per day. The purpose of the oil pipeline is to transport oil from Russia to Central and Western Europe. The official launch ceremony of the highway was held on October 15, 1964.

Let us remind you that in August of last year one of the threads of “Druzhba” was disconnected due to a leak in the Polish section.

Even earlier, in May, the Russians announced an “attempted terrorist attack” on the oil pipeline. According to their data, the “Bryansk” filling station was the target.

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