Away with architectural barriers and continuity with the free beach: the “Monumento” reopen in Genoa, the first bathrooms renovated according to Bolkestein

Away with architectural barriers and continuity with the free beach: the “Monumento” reopen in Genoa, the first bathrooms renovated according to Bolkestein

After six years of complete abandonment and degradation, they reopen in Quarto i Monument Bathsa symbolic establishment of the Genoese summer, immediately behind the famous “rock” from which Giuseppe Garibaldi set off with the Thousand.

The return of this activity is expected in April for the restaurant and terrace part, while the beach and related services will start in June. The credit for the reopening goes to Podestà Architecture Studiowith Domenico Podestà and his daughter Maria, who worked on behalf of the dealer, the Bolero company.

But the most important peculiarity is that the Bagni Monumento «are to all intents and purposes the first bathing establishment that was renovated following the Bolkestein directives», as explained by Maria Podestà, who during her professional experience has specialized in clubs and beach establishments (among other activities). What does it mean? «That the architectural barriers have been completely removed and that continuity with the free beach has been created, just as the legislation requires. We’re pleased, it wasn’t easy to stay within the various rules, but now we think we can set an example for all the other managers too.”

The Municipality of Genoa also worked with Studio Podestà and the client, in particular the offices coordinated by the councilor Mario Masciawhich has been following the difficult negotiations with the beach resorts in recent weeks regarding the Bolkestein.

«We have carried out a significant structural reinforcement intervention on a complex that had been abandoned since 2018 – continues Maria Podestà – We have renovated, knocked down the architectural barriers, installed a lift that will allow you to reach the terrace, the restaurant but also directly to the beach. It will also have a public function because, thanks to this system, disabled people will be able to reach both the free beach and the Monument dedicated to Garibaldi and the Thousand, which previously was not accessible except via stairs.”

Among the details of the “new” Bagni Monumento there are «eco-sustainable materials, neutral and light colors of the furnishings in contrast to the anthracite of the metal parts, lots of greenery both on the terrace, which will be partly public, and inside the restaurant and pizzeria. Gazebos, benches and sports equipment are also provided, as well as a chiringuito directly on the beach.”

The contacts between Studio Podestà and Palazzo Tursi have been almost daily, also because the practical implementation of the Bolkestein directive has not proved to be at all simple, «but now we can say that we have reached the end of this path», says Podestà with satisfaction.

Meanwhile, Mascia continues negotiations with all the other managers. «It’s time to concentrate all efforts on projects, rather than on disputes. On April 30th it will be enough to present a preliminary project”, said Mascia a Republic in recent days, but the operators are asking for an extension until the end of summer.


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