Baking cookies for Christmas is expensive

Baking cookies for Christmas is expensive

vAccording to experts, consumers must continue to prepare for high sugar prices. In October, sugar at the supermarket checkout cost 24.3 percent more than a year earlier, as the Federal Statistical Office recently reported. Since the beginning of 2010, the price has increased by 82 percent.

But while prices for other foods are already falling slightly, sugar is likely to remain expensive. “The situation on the world market remains tense,” says Günter Tissen, managing director of the Sugar Economic Association. “So there probably won’t be a big change in price.”

The sugar beet harvest, which has been running since September and is known in the industry as the campaign, is showing a slightly better result this year than last year. The European market leader Südzucker from Mannheim estimates that it will at least be at the average of the past five years.

Why even good harvests don’t help

But that doesn’t matter for the current prices, says Tissen, whose association includes beet growers’ associations alongside manufacturers and importers. Because the beets for the sugar that is now being sold came from the previous year. “And the last beet harvest was bad.” The long drought in the summer of 2022 put pressure on the harvest quantity.


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