Bartın Mayor Rıza Yalçınkaya received his certificate of registration

Bartın Mayor Rıza Yalçınkaya received his certificate of registration


Rıza Yalçınkaya, who was elected Mayor of Bartın from CHP, started his duty by receiving his certificate of registration.


Yalçınkaya, who came to Bartın Justice Palace with CHP Bartın Provincial Chairman İsmail Cem Akyol and party members, was given his certificate of election by District Election Board Chairman Büşra Algın Subaşı.

Later, in his speech in front of the Palace of Justice, Yalçınkaya said that he was once again granted the post of Bartın Mayor with the support and contribution of the people of Bartın.

Stating that they reached a happy ending with the support and contribution of the people after a difficult election process with enthusiasm and excitement, Yalçınkaya said, “There is only one thing we can do from now on; to provide the best service to all the people of Bartın who trust and believe in us. As municipal services, we are a municipality that works for the benefit of the public and the people.” “We want to bring a fair and equal municipal service approach to Bartın with a management approach. For this reason, we will strive to gain the appreciation of the people of Bartın by demonstrating transparent municipality, a fair, equal municipality approach that works for the public and rights benefit.” he said.

Yalçınkaya noted that they will provide the services they deserve without losing the public’s trust or love, and said, “We have only one goal in the next period; to provide the best service to Bartın. I believe that everyone who loves Bartın and has a passion for Bartın will help us in these works.” “He will support and contribute to us because we said that we will provide the services that everyone deserves by embracing everyone, without alienating anyone, separating anyone during the election. Therefore, if those who love Bartın embrace us and give us strength, hand in hand, heart to heart, we will make Bartın what it deserves.” “I believe that if we are in a struggle to bring Bartın to the place it deserves, it will come to the place it deserves within 5 years. The good services that the people of Bartın expect will be implemented very easily and quickly.” he said.


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