Basic pension insurance, the number of insured people will reach 10.13 million! Tianjin’s latest announcement!

Basic pension insurance, the number of insured people will reach 10.13 million! Tianjin’s latest announcement!

The city’s human resources and social security work meeting was held recently, and it was determined that the city’s human resources and social security work goals for 2024 are: 350,000 new urban jobs, an urban surveyed unemployment rate of about 5.5%, and the number of people insured for basic pension, work-related injury, and unemployment insurance to reach 1,013 100,000 people, 4.26 million people, 4.1 million people; 100,000 people received subsidized vocational skills training.

This year our city will make every effort to do six aspects of work:

(1) Focus on serving the overall situation and accelerating the coordinated development of human resources and society in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei

Promote connectivity for people’s livelihood. Jointly carry out recruitment activities; accelerate the “in-city” process of handling services; strengthen cross-regional coordinated handling of labor and social security supervision and law enforcement, and labor and personnel dispute mediation.

Promote the comprehensive upgrade of “all-in-one card”. Jointly promote the legislation of the “Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Social Security Card “One-Card” Regulations”. Build an “all-in-one card” platform for residents’ services in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. Expand the use of one card in government services, social security, transportation, cultural tourism, medical treatment and drug purchase and other related fields.

Promote talent introduction, education, co-construction and sharing. Jointly carry out innovation and entrepreneurship activities such as talent recruitment, postdoctoral training, scientific research, and achievement transformation. Jointly carry out vocational skills training and jointly organize vocational skills competitions. Explore and implement a collaborative mechanism for local examinations of professional titles and professional qualifications in the three places. Jointly build the Sanhe Human Resources Service Industrial Park in Hebei Province and revise the local standards for human resources services in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.

(2) Focus on giving priority to employment and promote high-quality and full employment

Highlight the priority orientation of employment. Continue to implement the policy of phased reduction of unemployment insurance premiums; deeply implement the “Specialized, Specialized, Special and New” employment and entrepreneurship plan for small and medium-sized enterprises, launch actions to promote employment in advanced manufacturing industries, and tap employment growth points.

Emphasize the employment of key groups. Comprehensively use policy tools such as employment internships, enterprise recruitment, flexible employment, and grassroots employment to support college graduates to find employment through multiple channels, improve the job search subsidy policy for graduates in need, and ensure that the assisted employment rate exceeds 90%; implement the “three supports and one support” for college graduates and other programs; organized the “Spring Breeze Action” and “Spring Warm Migrant Workers” service activities to achieve stable employment in Tianjin for more than 156,000 people who have been lifted out of poverty in the central and western regions; helped 80,000 unemployed people to find another job, and found 30,000 people with employment difficulties above.

Emphasize entrepreneurship to drive employment. Organize 20,000 people to participate in free entrepreneurship training; add 10 new entrepreneurship incubation bases; revise the entrepreneurial guaranteed loan policy and increase the loan amount; organize the “Haihe Talents” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Entrepreneurship Project Invitational Competition, Entrepreneurship Mentor Competition and other competitions .

Focus on optimizing labor supply. Support various key employment groups to participate in targeted training, new enterprise apprenticeship training, project-based training, and “teacher-apprentice” training, and obtain more than 20,000 senior worker or above skill level certificates throughout the year; the city has formulated policies to promote high-quality development of technical education According to the implementation measures, technical colleges plan to enroll 8,000 students throughout the year.

Highlight the improvement of employment service quality. Organize and carry out “10+N” public employment service activities such as “Private Enterprise Service Month” and “Special Action for Tens of Millions of Recruitment in Hundreds of Days” to cultivate the “Jobs are waiting for you” live broadcast job promotion brand; accelerate the construction of “doorstep” employment service stations and promote odd jobs Market standardization construction.

(3) Focus on co-construction and sharing, and improve the level and level of social security

Steadyly improve the level of security benefits. In accordance with the unified deployment of the country, we will make adjustments to pension insurance benefits for retirees; timely increase unemployment insurance benefits, long-term benefits such as benefits for employees with grade 1 to grade 4 work-related injuries and pensions for dependent relatives. Promote the online settlement of work-related injuries in different places, the transfer and renewal of occupational annuities and other matters to be handled on one website and across provinces.

(4) Focus on innovation vitality and create a high-level talent highland

Continue to expand talent introduction channels. Go to areas where talents are concentrated to carry out special recruitment, campus recruitment and other activities; carry out special recruitment for industrial chains, talent “Tianjin Tour” and other “Haihe Talents” series activities to connect “high-quality and urgently needed talents” to come to Tianjin for development; high-level construction “Tiankai Overseas Returnee Town”, National Offshore Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base for Overseas Talents.

Build a high-end talent cultivation system. Build a postdoctoral innovation demonstration center, implement the postdoctoral fund Tianjin joint funding project, and hold postdoctoral innovation and entrepreneurship competitions. Deeply implement digital talent cultivation projects and cultivate 10,000 high-level, urgently needed professional and technical talents.

Innovative skills talent training model. Actively cultivate high-quality skilled talents in key areas such as advanced manufacturing, strategic emerging industries and digital economy; select the fifth “Haihe Craftsmen” and “Tianjin Technical Experts”, and recommend participation in the “China Skills Award” and “National Technical Experts” ; Actively prepare for the 47th World Skills Competition and organize the “Haihe Craftsman Cup” skills competition.

Our city will also expand the issuance scope of “Haihe Talent” cards and optimize supporting service measures. Expand the scale of municipal talent apartments and strive to meet the housing needs of various imported talents.

(5) Focus on safety and stability and build harmonious labor relations

We will deepen the creation of harmonious labor relations, improve the wage income distribution system, focus on the management of wage arrears, and improve the quality and efficiency of mediation and arbitration.

(6) Focus on development needs and improve the efficiency of human and social services

In 2024, our city will revise the management measures for occupational annuity funds and issue management measures for work-related injury prevention projects; promote the pilot reform of high-quality development of labor relations in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region; launch the “Leading Enterprise Title Promotion Action” and deepen the reform of the overseas professional qualification recognition system. Attract international talents to develop in our city’s free trade zone; encourage qualified enterprises to carry out pilot projects for the evaluation and recruitment of special technicians and chief technicians; implement the “new eight-level workers” vocational skill grade sequence and expand the flow channels for highly skilled talents to professional and technical positions.

At the same time, we will make every effort to build a new digital human society system and continue to optimize the business environment. We have promoted “only one door” for offline services, “one-stop service” for online services, and “front-line response” to the demands of enterprises and the public. The annual praise rate of human resources, social and government services has remained above 98%.

Source: Tianjin Daily reporter Liao Chenxia


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