Battles for Avdeevka – ISW analysts told about the current situation — UNIAN

Battles for Avdeevka – ISW analysts told about the current situation — UNIAN

The occupiers advanced along Zheleznodorozhny lane.

The Russian occupiers confirmed their advance in the Avdeevka region against the backdrop of positional battles.

According to ISW, geolocation footage published on February 11 shows that the invaders advanced along Zheleznodorozhny Lane to the north of Avdeevka and to the east of Nevelsky (southwest of Avdeevka).

Russian “militaries” claim that the occupiers were allegedly moving along Tymyryazev and Selkhoztekhnika streets north of Avdeevka and near Pervomayskogo, although ISW analysts do not see visual evidence of this.

As noted, positional battles continued:

  • northwest of Avdeevka in the area of ​​Novokalynovoy and Novobakhmutovka;
  • in Avdeevka itself;
  • zapadnee Avdeevka near n. p. Tonenkoe and Severnoe;
  • southwest of Avdeevka near Pervomayskogo and Nevelskogo.

According to Russian sources, the enemy continues to try to block what is probably the main land line of communication of the Ukrainian forces with Avdeevka.

At the same time, Brigadier General Alexander Tarnavskyi, the commander of the Tavrichesky group of troops of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, said that the enemy’s army is increasingly using groups of armored vehicles during an infantry assault.

War in Ukraine – battles for Avdeevka

In an attempt to capture several square miles of the destroyed and depopulated Avdeevka, the Kremlin lost almost an entire mechanized division of tanks – 214 units. This amount makes up a tenth of the tanks that are fighting now on the territory of Ukraine.

Bild’s open data analysis expert Julian Repke claimed the other day that the occupiers have already cut the railway line in the center of Avdeevka in the area of ​​Chistyakova Street. They are only 700 meters away from the only road that connects the city with the territory controlled by Ukraine.

According to analysts of the DeepState OSINT community, Russia occupied about 18% of the city’s territory.

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