Battles for Avdiivka – a volunteer told how the Russians are destroying the city – UNIAN

Battles for Avdiivka – a volunteer told how the Russians are destroying the city – UNIAN

Volunteer Vlad Makhovskyi, who was recently wounded in Avdiivka, told UNIAN how the houses in the city “come together” from the first to the ninth floor, the life of the locals and the mood of the military.

Volunteer Vlad Makhovskyi was injured last week in Avdiivka. Despite the fact that he came to the evacuation in a white minibus, similar to an “ambulance”, and the fact that on the car was written in large letters: “Evacuation”, the Russian drone destroyed the possibility of saving people. The Russians finished off the damaged car in order to destroy it completely. UNIAN spoke with a volunteer about the situation in the city and at the entrances to it.

Vlad, last week you were injured during an attempt to evacuate residents of Avdiyivka. Tell me what happened?

There were several evacuation points in the plans, about ten had to be taken. I arrived at ten o’clock in the morning, I had to meet the first group of people near the Baptist Church. He stopped the bus, opened the door to get out, and heard the characteristic hum of a drone. I turn my head – it is hanging 10-12 meters from the car. I slowly leave, pointing with my finger that the inscription “Volunteer” is on the body armor. After that, the drone flew sharply and… broke up two meters away.

I understand that he was waiting for me to leave. He saw white beads with red crosses, with large letters “Evacuation”. I was wearing a blue bulletproof vest, a blue helmet. All this was clearly visible…

And a few hours later, they launched the FPV once again and purposefully destroyed the evacuation bus. It burned completely.

Were you seriously injured?

The leg was cut by fragments. In a state of shock, I slowly ran to my friend. Running, watching to make sure there was no second drone. Thank God, he was not there. They contacted the military, they took me and evacuated me to Avdiivka. I am in the hospital now. They should be discharged this week, the wounds are healing.

Tell me, how does the city look now? Can volunteers drive to it?

It is very risky to go to Avdiivka now. On some sections of the road, the distance to the enemy is one or two kilometers. On one site – 300-600 meters. The road is being shot at, it could be a mortar, a sniper… It’s so close that anything can fly.

You can slip through, but every time it is more and more risky. A few days ago, volunteers I know were transporting people and pets, their buses were damaged by debris, but they were uninjured.

Currently, evacuation is almost impossible. They say that driving the old route is suicide. There is a dirt road left, but it is also difficult there. And people are calling, asking to pick them up… People waited until the last moment…

What were you waiting for? I’m sorry, I’ll ask directly: “Zhaduny”?

There is a certain percentage of such, but it is not so large. People are waiting for everything to end. Comfort themselves with hope (sighs with regret).

Oh, it’s such a mentality, you can’t change it. Everyone says: “Everything is about to end,” or: “I lived here, my relatives are buried here.” People held on to the hope that something would change. Evacuate when everything is destroyed. There were those who moved from a destroyed house to another, and it was also destroyed.

How much population remained in Avdiivka?

About 900 people. But we do not know how many have died in recent days. After all, there were two flights over crowds of people. One – to the “point of invincibility”, the other – to the basement-bomb shelter, where fifteen or more people were hiding, of whom one, maybe two, may have survived. There is no connection – there is no accurate information.

The Russians strike with KABs (guided air bombs), the consequences are terrible. After the explosion, the nine-story building consists from the ninth to the first floor. In such a house, there is one, second entrance, but there is no third. The funnels are up to ten meters deep. After such a hit, there is no chance to get out of the bomb shelter, many people are simply buried under the destroyed houses. It is impossible to pull out, special equipment cannot drive in, because it will be destroyed. This is terrible.

The density of shelling is such… The shots do not stop. They are sometimes more, sometimes less, but they are always there. Always mortars, then rockets. Always a danger. The city is destroyed. Only single houses, as if whole, but if you look closely, the roof has been demolished or something else. Fires… This is not a city. These are fragments that the locals cling to.

What conditions do they live in now?

Water is from wells. Pumps were working, there were generators. But these wells are also collapsing. People live on stocks. I think that for a couple of months, everyone has cereals, cereals, food sets. They live in the cold. Because the Russians see the smoke from the barrel – they shoot. Thank God that there are no severe frosts.

Have you talked to the military? What are their moods?

I stayed with them for about an hour, while I was waiting for my evacuation, they talked. I didn’t see the panic: “Everything is gone.” Although yes, it is difficult. The Russians are crawling in like cockroaches – from all the cracks. They climb and climb. They are close.

The military took me outside Avdiivka, where the “White Angels” police were waiting for me. He traveled part of the way with a prisoner. He himself approached our police car and asked: “Comrade commander, will you take us to Krasnohorivka?” Ours answered in Russian: “Sit down, and we will take you to Krasnohorivka, and to Donetsk.” And he could not understand for a long time that he was captured. On the way, he told me that he was from “Storm Zet”, that there were three left from one of their platoon, that he got lost after being shelled with “cassettes”. And it also shows how close they are.

But, thank God, our boys have confidence and optimism. The mood is cheerful: “We are holding Avdiivka.”

Vlad Abramov

Vlad Abramov


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