Beautiful, neat, and complete!!! “Aff Thaksaorn” Lucky in the Game, Lucky in Love Grab a presenter of Dr.JiLL Advanced Cream, a single jar of 100 research items.

Beautiful, neat, and complete!!!  “Aff Thaksaorn” Lucky in the Game, Lucky in Love  Grab a presenter of Dr.JiLL Advanced Cream, a single jar of 100 research items.

There has never been a dark era for a strong mother like AFL-Thaksaon Phaksukcharoen. No matter how many years have passed, the beauty hasn’t changed. She is crowned the number one heroine in the industry. She is considered to be a neat and neat girl, the prototype of a Thai lady. Plus during this time the luck is very good in every aspect, including love, work in dramas, series, MCs, it’s all very tight.

Beautiful in every look, beautiful in every angle. This word doesn’t come easily after more than 20 years of active work in the entertainment industry. But time cannot do anything to “Aff-Taksaorn” at all. Day by day becomes more beautiful and night. and meticulousness in taking care of oneself Each day’s missions can be said to be neat and precise in every gesture. Not even skin care products like Dr.JiLL Advanced Cream (Dr.JiLL Advanced Cream), which she sits as a presenter as a helper, who has to tell you the secret to neat, clear beauty at the age of 40+. Really every inch Going to the filming set, never forgetting necessary things, no matter how early I woke up, throughout the past 20 years, until I became famous for my neat beauty and special meticulousness.

“It’s not that much. People close to the mouse will definitely come. When we have to go to the filming set, sometimes we have to go to distant areas, in the forest, on the mountain. We already know that we have to go filming. We have already seen the queue. If we make an appointment to set in the morning, we will prepare the necessary things. to finish Since last night, I won’t forget. Check and check again, you can’t forget or you’ll be in trouble. Whether it be skin care products, medicine, vitamins, essential items. or even a set of clothes that our chefs really need Go take photos in a distant place. It won’t be difficult for the team to find you.

As for taking care of yourself We are picky people and answer honestly that as we get older, You have to take extra care of yourself. The most important basic things include eating all 5 food groups, drinking lots of water, and getting enough sleep. The same is true of the skin if we don’t hurry and take good care of it. Skin recovery is very difficult. Personally, we care a lot about maintenance. Focus on applying regularly. People around us tease us that we are picky and meticulous.

And now the AFL is very proud. To be part of the Dr.JiLL family, he is a quality brand. and reliable Ready to care about consumers This year has entered its 10th year, which makes AFL more confident, especially Dr.JiLL Advanced Cream, a concentrated facial cream. That helps make the skin smooth, soft, bouncy, reduces wrinkles, moisturizes, and brightens. Extracts imported from Switzerland. Comes with a lot of research. Accompanied by world-class guaranteed awards No matter what type of skin problem, Dr.JiLL will be invented and developed by experts. In order to give the best results to the skin I want everyone to try using it,” Aaf said.

Dr.JiLL Advanced Cream (Dr.JiLL Advanced Cream) Every skin result is guaranteed by over 100 research studies that the product development team has compiled to create a new skin care cream from Dr.JiLL as well. Important extracts like Novoretin (Novoretin), the latest innovation, extracted from 100% natural substances, are gentle on the skin. Does not cause irritation and PhytoSpherix (phytospheric) helps reduce wrinkles. Makes the skin soft, bouncy, and youthful. Helps increase hyaluronic acid and collagen in the skin by up to 83%. Imported from Switzerland. Guaranteed results with international awards in-cosmetics Asia Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award 2022 and BSB Innovation Award NATURAL Products 2023. Tested by 100% real users. Satisfied with the results that wrinkles are shallower. Skin looks brighter. and replenishes moisture to the skin like never before

Meet the skin care product Dr.JiLL Advanced Cream (Dr.JiLL Advanced Cream) now at the online channel Line @Dr.JiLL or marketplace channels like Shopee, Lazada, Tiktok shop and Ready to order from Dr.JiLL distributors nationwide.

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