Behind the scenes of the drama Song Thanong EP20 “Sa-Diao” plans an evil plan to get rid of the thorns. “Mek-Mameaw” beyond the roof of the house

Behind the scenes of the drama Song Thanong EP20 “Sa-Diao” plans an evil plan to get rid of the thorns.  “Mek-Mameaw” beyond the roof of the house


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Wow, the ratings are really extraordinary. For the most dramatic drama “Two prides” There is a big leader who is both an organizer and organizer. and actors like Kob – Paphasara Techapaiboon Arrange the elements to make this drama fully pleasing to the fans of Channel 7HD dramas. “Paphasara Production Camp” Drama must come, fun must be full of flavor only!!!

Latest organizer and two directors Toi Charuek and Ae Kasama Make the script fun and intense, giving the characters a heartfelt flavor. “Leng” (Mek Chuti) and Phet (Mamiao Phorchada) By sending an evil stepmother “Putkrong” (Sa Wannasa Thongwiset) with younger brother of the same father “Kla” (Diao Nawabodin) Come and crush the fun by having the two mothers trick Leng into coming to the house and accusing Leng of being about to wrestle the beautiful stepmother by having Phet come see with her own eyes in order to get rid of the thorn in the heart. But how will the story end? Fans of the drama, please be patient. Let’s wait and see this Friday…!!!

We have a behind the scenes story to share with you first. The team used wooden houses around Pathum Thani. It’s a filming location. The set is Phutkrong’s house. Song (Chokchai Charoensuk) I have lived here since leaving the An family. In this scene, the director We need to practice queuing a bit. To make the rhythm of the performance as smooth as possible, have Sasa and Noom Mek continue their dialog and hug each other first, with Sa Sa telling Noom Mek that “Do your best, Mek. Don’t be afraid.” Young Mek’s side also spoke up. “okay”

When rehearsal was finished, it was time to move the camera. It starts with Leng entering the house and finding Pudkrong sitting. When his father isn’t there, Leng turns around, but Pudkrong pulls Leng and seduces him, hoping that a man like Leng will fall into a slumber. Then the team gave the queue to the Ma Miao girl who came in with a young man. When Pudkrong saw Phet’s face, he acted like he had been wrestled by Leng. His clothes were falling apart. Phet was very shocked by the picture he saw. Behind the scenes, the actors performed with fun. When Saosasa acted seductively to young man Mek, some of the staff members even smiled because Sasasa’s style was not light at all.

As for what the story will be like, will Phet believe the picture he sees in front of him or from Pudkrong’s mouth or not? Go follow and watch. I guarantee it will be a lot of fun!!!

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