Behind the scenes of “The Last Tram” EP7, long awaited! “Tong Neng – Crown” is so good! “Ning Nirut” proposes marriage in the drama “Last Tram”

Behind the scenes of “The Last Tram” EP7, long awaited!  “Tong Neng – Crown” is so good!  “Ning Nirut” proposes marriage in the drama  “Last Tram”

The drama “The Last Tram” is besides fun and engaging entertainment. Viewers will also get good ideas to adapt to society in a generation with many gens that must live together. Produced by Thai PBS in collaboration with Star Phoenix (Thailand) Co., Ltd., directed. Performance by “Fun” Jirapa Rueangkarn, good work, quality that many drama fans admire for its gentle content. Including conveying the emotions of the performances of the actors, both big and small, it can be said that the response was quite good.

The story moves quickly. In the latest episode, the story proceeded to the point where “Bu-nga” (Tongneng-Rudklao Amradit) decided to leave the life of “Arak” (Ning-Nirut Sirichanya) because he could not bear his emotions. Yes, after Tram Restaurant changed by adding an a la carte menu, Arak was very angry and threatened to close the restaurant.

After “Bu-nga” and “Sor Kaew” (Tangtang-Natharuchi Wiswanart) left home, “Arak” felt like he had lost something in his life. Including a dear friend like “Boripat” (Moo-Sompop Benjatikun) who also fell ill with a cerebral hemorrhage. Causing some memories to disappear, “Arak” decided to go follow “Bunga” in Chanthaburi Province. According to “Natee” (Karun-Kittiphat), “Arak” surprised “Bu-nga” by giving her a ring and asked “Bu-nga” for her hand in marriage. Wow, this shot made Bu-nga… To the point of tears and accepted this marriage with a swollen heart

For this sweet scene, the director and crew used Uncle Mong’s garden. The conservation fruit orchard in the Bang Kruai area of ​​Nonthaburi was a filming location. But the set was Bu-nga’s house in Chanthaburi province. Before the cameras started filming, the director had the actors Ah Ning and Tong Neng rehearse. Ready to see the camera angles of the two actors first. Then the filming begins with a cut where Arak walks and talks with Bu-nga about the past. Then Bu-nga stumbles upon Arak’s words, calling her by her name instead of using a different pronoun. Then Arak surprises her by taking out a ring box. Come and speak. “Marry me.” Bu-nga, although shocked, still asked, “Are you sure?” Arak reiterated that he would register. and arranged a wedding as well. Hearing this, Bu-nga responded immediately and hugged Arak with tears in her eyes. Although in this scene, Tong Neng seemed more excited than anyone else because the character “Bu-nga” had been waiting for this scene for a long time. But when it’s time to show She portrayed this scene well. You can really get into the emotions of the characters. Filming this scene didn’t take long. Even though there is a close-up shot To make this scene even more perfect But everything went smoothly without any takes.

For the reason for the excitement that Tong Neng opened up in an interview with the media about working with Ah Ning that

“This is the first time working together with Ah Ning (Nirut Sirichanya). Before the shooting day there was already excitement. When I met on the day of the fitting, Ah Ning said, “This is my wife,” so I said, Ah, she’s a good person. So I want to help people. So I became a mouse. Who would have thought that once in a lifetime I would have the opportunity to be Ah Ning’s wife because we have been Ah Ning’s drama fans since we were young. Since the time he acted in “Pook Captain Yodrak”, to us Ah Ning is like Brad Pitt of Thailand, very handsome, smart, chic in everything. And a face like mine Who would have thought that one day we would be able to act as Uncle Ning Nirut’s wife? When I first agreed to act in this drama, I honestly didn’t know that I had to be Ah Ning’s wife. But I like that it’s right in the script. And the story line of this story talks about the difference between the ages. About the differences of people living together in society Then there was a conflict. There was a problem. So I feel that presenting this angle is very interesting. Because it’s not that people of different ages People with different viewpoints cannot live together peacefully. But it depends on how much you are willing and open to talking.”

This is another talented actor who guarantees the interest of this drama. In addition, this time there are also exciting scenes for viewers to follow. Come follow this sweet scene together in the drama “The Last Tram” Saturday, February 24, 2024 at 8:30 p.m. and every Friday, Saturday, Sunday at 8:30 p.m. on Thai PBS, Channel No. 3, and you can also Follow and watch again at and you can also follow Thai PBS on all online channels at ▪ Social Media Thai PBS : Facebook, YouTube, X (Twitter), LINE, TikTok, Instagram ▪ Website : www▪ Application : Thai PBS

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