Beijing Express ventures into spiritual and wild Laos

Beijing Express ventures into spiritual and wild Laos


After the challenging races in North Vietnam, the tiring journey of Beijing Express along the Dragon Route it starts again from Laos. A country rich in spirituality and uncontaminated nature, where tribal settlements alternate with ancient monasteries and modern cities. Thursday 4 April, on Sky e NOWtravelers will begin the exploration of a new territory, with surprising traditions and new contrasts to which they will quickly get used to travel the 263 km that separate Muang Xai from the finish line to Luang Prabang.

Beijing Express

The second preliminary episode of this edition saw Nancy Brilli and Pierluigi Iorio “The Brilliant” abandon the race. At the starting line of the fifth stage, the first in the heart of Laos, there are: Fabio and Eleonora Caressa to form the couple of “I Caressa”. Then Damiano and Massimiliano Carrara “The Pastry Chefs”. Artem and Antonio Orefice “The Fratms”, Kristian Ghedina and Francesca Piccinini “The Giants”. Maddalena Corvaglia and Barbara Petrillo “The friends”. In the end, Estefania Bernal and Antonella Fiordelisi “Italy Argentina”, e Megan Ria and Maddalena Svevi “The dancers”.

We will begin writing the Lao chapter of this adventure from the Phu That pagoda Muang Xai. The objective is to reach the village of Nasiengdy, where the couple who signs the red book first will win immunity and access to the next stage. While whoever finishes second will obtain a position in the ranking.

In mystical and wild Laos

Awaiting the travelers are exhausting missions that will put the couples’ physical and psychological endurance to the test. The travellers, as per tradition provided only with a backpack containing a minimum amount of money and 1 euro per day per person and in local currency, will then set off in a hurry towards the red carpet at Luang Prabangthe country’s ancient spiritual heart and milestone.

In this timeless city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the contents of the black envelope will be revealed which will decide whether the first stage in Laos is preliminary or not, and consequently will also mark the fate of the travelers competing in Beijing Express. Will all the couples be able to continue exploring the new country or will some of them pack their bags to return home?


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