«Being in Paris 2024 already takes away the thorn I had left from Tokyo»

«Being in Paris 2024 already takes away the thorn I had left from Tokyo»

Olympian in Tokyo 2020, now on his way to his second Games in Paris 2024, and legend of Spanish sport after the bronze won at the Doha World Cup with his partner Adrián Abadía in the synchronized 3-meter springboard event, Nicolás García Boissier (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1995) arrives at the Metropole by bicycle and blends in with the urban landscape until he appears at his club’s facilities and is showered with congratulations and praise. And he, who is a hero of flesh and blood, makes excellence normal and lends his medal to anyone who wants to touch it or hang it on him. In his short break before returning to top competition, this Wednesday he flies to Madrid to resume a Spartan discipline, attending CANARIAS7 with that simplicity that he never lost. History and successes he has enough to have chosen another path. But not. Nico He prides himself on being “the same as always”. Actually that makes it bigger.

-How is that Doha hangover going, with a medal for history and, as an added gift, a direct passport to Paris 2024?

-The main objective was to achieve Olympic qualification. I moved to Madrid last year, specifically on May 15, to prepare, with my partner Adrián, this project. The coach wanted us there to train day in and day out to train the synchro couple and with a view, first, to the World Cup in Fukuoka (Japan) last year, in which we were very close to reaching the place. And then, if it wasn’t possible, there was the last chance in Doha. And in Doha the medal was an extra once we achieved what we wanted.

-Doha was the last opportunity for Paris 2024. Added pressure then?

-Doha was all or nothing. Everything you had worked for could have its result or, otherwise, wait four more years, which, in my case, could not be…

-And how did you handle that responsibility, that crossroads?

-You have that pressure built into you, but it is very difficult to cope with. Both Adri and I were very aware of everything that was at stake on the last jump. We depended on ourselves and we had to do it well. And, probably, in each of our heads we knew that it was the most important leap of our lives. It was now or never.

-And it turned out well…

-Yeah. Everything very special. For me and for him, it will be his first Olympic Games.

-Did Tokyo 2020 leave you a thorn that you can now get rid of in Paris?

-In Tokyo I was very close to advancing to the semis, by 0.50 points. And I have that there. Just by being in Paris I think I’ll get rid of my thorns because we’re going to the final phase directly, we are among the eight best couples in the world, and you already have, at least, an Olympic diploma…

-But he’s not going to settle for that…

-Not at all. Let’s go with everything. We are already talking about strategy, let’s see if we increase the difficulty of the series. The Chinese and the British are in another league. We beat the British now in Doha because they failed. They are human and can fail. But it is true that in the other six couples anything can happen. The one who does it best without depending on anything else will win. That fight for third place is going to be beautiful.

-Do you see yourself on the podium?

-Ufff… Big words that. Being in the Games is the best. You can be a champion, yes. But stepping on that stage, what it feels like… In Tokyo I experienced it and I knew I wanted to live it again, that’s why I endured one more cycle. I will enjoy, I will compete and what I want is to show what I know how to do. It will be a luxury to give your best, whether it’s worth a medal or being last. To give the maximum is what I want

-And it will be August 2.

-In all our planning until that date is to reach the best peak on that day.

-From now until that date, what awaits you?

-A marathon. In two weeks I’m going to Canada, to Montreal, with the first stage of the World Cup. Then, in March, comes the second stage. And if these two stages go well, you qualify for the World Cup Superfinal in April and in China. In May we only face national competitions. In June, the European Championship, the test prior to the Games to adjust things and, then, Paris.

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-Does the body need that continuous adrenaline from competitions with the Olympic backdrop?

-You need to get in shape and the only way is to try yourself in competitions. And just because your competitions go well doesn’t guarantee you anything. But yes, that calendar is fundamental for everything we want to test and analyze ahead of Paris.

-With Adri, until August 2, it will be two in one.

-We live together and now, much more.

-How is that compatibility that has to be perfect cultivated?

-We get along very well because we are both very independent. We share everything. From nine to five we are in the pool and the rest of the day, we rest. But we respect our space, we don’t get overwhelmed. Outside the pool we give ourselves air, we avoid erosion.

-In Doha they gave visibility to a discipline that was as sacrificed as it was little publicized. Is it an added pride?

-Yes because for those who come behind it will be very good in terms of sensitivity, investments and attention. For what I have left, it will have very little impact on me. But I am excited to have been able to contribute my grain of sand for my sport. I can’t express it in words. There are too many accumulated feelings.

-Beyond the cameras, the flashes and the fame, the affection they give him at the Metropole every time they see him reaches his heart. How does that recognition in his house move you?

-I am very well known here despite not being training at home and receiving this support from people, who see me from time to time, I like it. May the children have you as a reference… You can’t ask for more.


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