Belgrano or Talleres? Who pays more for this classic in the main sports betting houses

Belgrano or Talleres?  Who pays more for this classic in the main sports betting houses

Since the national government deactivated Prode in 2018 and put an end to the National Lottery, many betting houses began to arrive in Argentina to cover the Argentine soccer market. This Saturday the League Cup classic date begins and many players will put their money and wait for the desired results.

Sports betting houses use complex statistical systems to determine each team’s probabilities of winning (season performance, history, home field, injuries and many other factors) and pay their users according to that number. This means that the favorites to win are already defined before each match, according to the parameters of each site, which is always interesting when we talk about classics, which tend to be more even and contested than the rest of the matches, so the odds They usually go up for these matches.


Although there is no federal law that regulates sports betting, each Province has the power to decide whether this practice is allowed in its territory.

If the domain of the betting house’s page ends with “” it means that that company pays taxes in Argentina and it is safe to bet. Otherwise, sites that do not have that domain are not legal, so bettors will have no guarantee of collecting their winnings.

On the other hand, many of these sports betting houses have become official sponsors of Argentine clubs. Such is the case of Codere, who appears as River Plate’s main sponsor on their shirt. Betsson is another example, since this site is an official sponsor of Racing Club and Boca Juniors. On the other hand, the BPlay house is the official betting house of the Professional Football League (LPF).

Who pays more?

According to the BPlay site, despite the recent loss to Barracas Central and being a visitor, Talleres is the favorite to win this Saturday’s classic over Belgrano. The triumph of the “T” pays 2.35 and that of the Celeste 3.30; and the tie 3.05. Furthermore, this house predicts a greater probability of there being more than one goal in the match, so it pays 1.48 for this possibility and 2.40 for the chance of only one goal being scored or none at all.

That is, whoever bets 100 pesos on Matador winning, will receive 235 pesos if that result occurs, while if the same amount is bet on “B” and Farré’s team is victorious on Saturday, the user will receive 330 pesos because BPlay considers Albiazul’s victory more likely, so the riskiest bet is Belgrano’s and, therefore, it pays more.

Regarding the superclásico between River and Boca, curiously it is the most “uneven” match according to what the victory of each one pays. The Millonario’s victory pays just 1.91, while the Xeneize’s 4.20 and the equality between the two 3.35. As for the goals, the threshold is raised if we compare it with the classic from Cordoba. 2.32 will be paid if more than two goals are scored and 1.52 if two goals, just one, or none are scored.

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The other classics

  • Avellaneda Classic: Independent wins (2.42); Racing wins (3.20); tie (3.00).
  • Rosario classic: Newell’s wins (2.10); Rosario Central wins (4.00); tie (3.05).
  • La Plata Classic: Gymnastics wins (3.10); Students wins (2.57); tie (2.92).
  • Buenos Aires classic: Huracán wins (2.62); San Lorenzo wins (3.20); tie (2.75).
  • Southern Classic: Lanús wins (2.05); Banfield wins (4.20); tie (3.05).
  • Northeast Classic: Argentinos Juniors wins (1.88); Platense wins (4.50); tie (3.30).

It should be noted that all the odds are from BPlay (official sponsor of the LPF) but vary on each site, although generally the trends towards one team or another remain. In addition, they also change depending on whether an important player is injured before the matches or due to some other situation that may influence the development of the matches.


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