Between the possible and the impossible Al-Eqtisadiah newspaper

Between the possible and the impossible  Al-Eqtisadiah newspaper

Some people find it very difficult to achieve the goals they seek, because there is a wrong understanding embodied in their mind, which is the impossibility of reaching and achieving the goal, because of an opinion he heard from his friend, or a conclusion he reached from a movie, or a program he watched, or even an opinion made by his father. , or the teacher, so we find stumbling accompanies some people, not because of the impossibility of achieving the goal, but rather as a result of the wrong idea.
The concept of impossibility corresponds to the concept of the possible, as nothing is impossible to achieve once this concept is embodied in the mind, and the will and determination are present, and the effort is exerted, and the appropriate tools and means are used for the intended goal.
If we may introduce the term “relativity” to success in achieving the goal, then starting from the concept of relativity represents a motivating energy for everyone who is pressed by the discouraging concept of impossibility. Therefore, the principle of psychological trial and error represents one of the behavioral psychological mechanisms to overcome the influence of the idea of ​​impossibility that hinders some of us.
The circumstances surrounding the individual, whether social, cultural, or organizational, seem to be obstructing and preventing him from achieving the goal, because he feels that his individual potential cannot transcend or overcome the surrounding factors, and his statement says that there is no balance of power between me and the surrounding circumstances, so retreat and surrender are Circumstances have an inevitable outcome.
Success in study or work, and victory in wars, can be achieved once it is inculcated in the mind that nothing is impossible in life, but that everything is possible to achieve according to the concept of relativity, and this requires realizing that achieving a full score on the test for the student does not mean absolute knowledge of the field of knowledge related to the test. The test may be limited to a part of the field, while in the field there are precise and profound facts that are hidden from the student and the teacher.
Economic success in achieving wealth, and success in relations between entities and countries, applies to the concept of relativity. How many countries have their leaders and citizens thinking that they had reached the pinnacle of glory because they possessed cognitive, military, financial, and administrative power, as was the case with Pharaoh when he said, “I am your Lord, the Most High,” because of his feelings. Absolute, and wrong at the same time, by possessing elements of power that led him to this state of vanity. If we think about our present era, the concept of the relativity of power, and not perfectionism, would apply to the United States of America, whose scholar Francis Fukuyama described democracy and Western liberalism as representing the end of history in terms of human achievement and the height that America has achieved.
The present facts of history contradict and prove the error of Fukuyama’s theory. America’s successes are relative, not absolute, because it was defeated in many wars despite the lethal power it possesses, and decades ago it began to decline and lose its influence and dominance represented by it being the superpower after World War II, and after the fall of the Union. Soviet.
The beauty of nature and humans is also relative, and no matter how beautiful a place or individual is, individuals may differ in their judgment of it, as some see it as ugly, and others consider it the pinnacle of beauty, which confirms the rule of relativity in everything, even with the existence of foundations and standards for judging things. .
In education, psychology, and the social sciences in general, there are tests and standards by which traits and characteristics, intelligence, mental abilities, tendencies, and inclinations are measured. Efforts were made in constructing them to ensure their validity and stability. Several methods were used for this purpose, theories were established, mathematical equations, and statistical programs were employed. This applies to relativity, just as this applies to physical measures. The human thermometer, the weather gauge, or the blood sugar level cannot be said to be absolutely stable, as it may give multiple, inaccurate readings. What is not fully comprehended does not leave the bulk of it.


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