Biden called for a six-week ceasefire in the Gaza Strip

Biden called for a six-week ceasefire in the Gaza Strip

US President Joe Biden said he is in favor of establishing a six-week truce between Israel and Hamas to allow the release of hostages taken by the militants.

Biden’s statement is cited by Bloomberg, “European Truth” reports.

After meeting with King Abdullah II of Jordan at the White House, the US president said such a pause “would bring an immediate and prolonged period of calm in Gaza for at least six weeks, after which we could use the time to build something more solid.”

“The key elements of the agreements are already on the table,” Biden said, adding that the U.S. “will do everything possible to make them happen.”

Biden and Abdullah met amid growing concern over a possible Israeli ground offensive on the city of Rafah, which threatens to further escalate tensions as well as the humanitarian crisis in the region.

Biden said he and the king discussed the situation in Rafah and how to get more aid to Gaza.

On Sunday Biden told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a phone call, that, in his opinion, “the military operation in Rafah should not continue without a reliable and feasible plan” to protect and support the Palestinians who have found refuge there.

According to the media, the head of the White House is in private conversations speaks disparagingly of Netanyahubut does not change US policy towards Israel and Gaza.

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