Biden harsh: “If Putin wins, he won’t stop. And if he attacked a NATO member, we would have our troops on the field…”. From the G7 total support to Kiev “as long as necessary”

Biden harsh: “If Putin wins, he won’t stop. And if he attacked a NATO member, we would have our troops on the field…”.  From the G7 total support to Kiev “as long as necessary”

Joe Biden issued a stark warning, stating that Russian leader Vladimir Putin “won’t stop there” if he manages to conquer Ukrainewhile the US president urged Congress to provide emergency funding to Kiev.

Biden and Putin

«If Putin takes Ukraine, he won’t stop there… He will move forward, he said it clearly»Biden said at the White House. And if Russia attacks a member of the NATO alliance, Biden warned, “then we will have something we don’t want and which we don’t have today: American troops fighting Russian troops… if it moves to other parts of NATO. Congress needs to approve funding for Ukraine before the holiday break, it’s simple. We have all seen the brutality that Putin is inflicting on Ukraine, invading another country, trying to subjugate its neighbors. Our European allies – continued Biden – are prepared to remain at our side, they know that Putin will continue to move forward and attack the NATO allies”.

Biden is also convinced of beating Donald Trump to the 2024 presidential elections and adds «I won’t be the only one». This is the answer he gave, answering a journalist’s question, who asked him which other Democrats would be able to beat Trump. Biden, who had concluded his message on Ukraine, stopped on the doorstep and responded briefly before leaving.

G7, support for Kiev “for as long as necessary”

Biden attended the virtual G7 to discuss unwavering support for Ukraine and ongoing efforts to address the situation in the Middle East. The leaders, according to the White House, also addressed issues related to global challenges such as sustainable development, climate change and artificial intelligence.
The G7 leaders reiterated their support to Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelensky for as long as necessary and set further common steps to support the Ukrainian people in their struggle for independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

As for the Middle East, President Biden, lamenting Hamas’s refusal to release the women hostages and the resumption of military actions, thanked the leaders for their constant support for Israel, for their work aimed at stemming the conflict and for humanitarian assistance to Gaza, for the collective effort for a lasting peace that can culminate in a Palestinian state as part of the two-state solution.

Freedom of navigation in the Middle Eastern region was also at the center of the talks, with the condemnation of the attacks by the Houthis against merchant ships in the Red Sea, in the reasonable belief that Iran made them possible. Building on the unity demonstrated at May’s G7 meeting in Hiroshima, leaders also demonstrated their commitment to working together more closely when needed in real time in the face of events around the world. Biden also thanked Japanese Prime Minister Kishida for his leadership in this year’s G7 and welcomed the next Italian presidency represented by Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.


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