Biden’s votes have been falling since October 7

Biden’s votes have been falling since October 7

A new poll on the 2024 elections was conducted by NBC News and Public Opinion Strategies.

According to the results of the survey dated November 10-14, support for Biden, whose approval of his actions as the US President remained at 40 percent, also decreased among young Democrats.

Young voters aged 18-34 are “less” supportive of Israel’s attacks on the Gaza Strip than older voters and oppose the massacre of civilians in Gaza.

70 percent of young voters who want to see a younger candidate to replace the 81-year-old Biden do not approve of Biden’s handling of Israel’s attacks on Gaza.

Young voters’ approval of Biden’s job performance dropped from 46 percent in September to 31 percent.

While 33 percent of voters approved of Biden’s foreign policy, this was 8 points behind the rate in September.

While 51 percent of Democratic voters believe that Israel has “gone too far” against civilians in Gaza, 49 percent oppose the United States providing military aid to Israel.

While support for Biden’s actions was over 50 percent in April 2021, it fell to 40 percent in this survey.

– Biden fell behind Trump for the first time

For the first time, Biden received fewer votes than former US President Donald Trump.

Trump received the votes of 46 percent of all voters, putting him 2 points ahead of Biden, who remained at 44 percent.

While the support received by both candidates was 46 percent in September, Biden outperformed Trump by 49 to 45 percent in June.


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