Bitcoin Skyrockets Driven by Industry Players’ Optimism Regarding the Investment Climate

Bitcoin Skyrockets Driven by Industry Players’ Optimism Regarding the Investment Climate

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Bitcoin managed to penetrate the price of 50 thousand US dollars or around IDR 778 million (exchange rate IDR 15,579) for the first time since the end of 2021.

According to CoinMarketCap, this increase was followed by the greening of a number of other crypto assets. Among other things, Ethereum appreciated at the level of IDR 41.4 million or an increase of 14.38 percent in a week. Then, Solana also rose 18.58 percent in a week to the level of IDR 2.04 million.

Responding to this condition, Reku’s Chief Compliance Officer (CCO), Robby, said that the increase in Bitcoin prices was also accompanied by positive sentiment in the overall investment climate.

“The momentum and optimism that is forming is targeting high-risk investment instruments,” said Robby in a written statement, Tuesday (13/2/2024).

However, apart from the crypto market, US stock indices such as the S&P 500 also increased 1.45 percent in the last five days and 5.37 percent in the last month. The Dow Jones Industrial Average index also reached a new intraday record driven by shares in the technology and financial sectors. JCI also started this week in the green zone.

This condition, continued Robby, is a momentum for investors to optimize opportunities by starting to consider high-risk investment instruments. However, investors still have to be wise and careful.

“For investors who may not be too familiar with risky instruments such as crypto assets or shares, investors can take a diversification strategy to better distribute risks,” said Robby.

Apart from that, investors also need to adjust the asset selection in their portfolio composition to their investment risk profile.

In helping investors to become more familiar with their investment profile, Reku as an investment and buying and selling platform for crypto assets has prepared a number of initiatives. First, Reku provides an Investor Personality Test feature which allows users to find out their risk profile and get an idea of ​​their investment portfolio allocation according to their respective risk profile.

Apart from that, to facilitate the diversification needs of users’ crypto asset portfolios, Reku also regularly lists new coins every week. This regular addition of coins expands users’ choices to invest in a wider range of crypto assets.

Investors can also choose Lightning or Pro mode, where Lightning mode is suitable for beginner investors and Pro mode for those who are experienced. These two features are here to accommodate every type of investor with an affordable fee of 0.1 percent.

Profit and loss summaries can be monitored in real-time in the Investment Insight feature, so users can take advantage of momentum quickly and carefully.


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