Blackout in Kharkov – Oleg Synegubov answered when electricity will be fully restored in the city and region — UNIAN

Blackout in Kharkov – Oleg Synegubov answered when electricity will be fully restored in the city and region — UNIAN


It is known that on March 22, the Russians carried out the most massive attack on the energy infrastructure of Kharkiv region.

According to Oleg Synegubov, the head of Kharkiv OVA, the situation with light in the region is difficult / photo UNIAN

The head of Kharkiv OVA, Oleg Synegubov, said that in Kharkov and the region, due to Russian attacks on energy facilities, power cuts are being implemented. Now, there is usually no light in one house for about four hours, but in some areas it is longer. He said this in an interview for RBC-Ukraine.

“In fact, on that day (March 22 – UNIAN), we had the most massive attack on the energy infrastructure, on the region, on the city of Kharkiv: 22 missiles of the S-300 type, Iskander, “X-“, we had everything,” he said Sinegubov

According to him, the enterprises of the region, which generate electricity, received serious damage as a result of the shelling of the Russian Federation. He also noted that the occupiers attacked even those networks through which, in theory, it was possible to receive energy assistance from neighboring regions. The official added that in Kharkiv itself, the deficit is between 100 and 200 megawatts of electricity.

“This is actually not enough for us. We have to apply blackouts for the local population, so that our critical infrastructure, transport infrastructure and the like work. On average, one house is without light for about 4 hours, maybe even in some areas and more “, – emphasized the chairman of Kharkiv OGA.

At the same time, Sinegubov did not specify the exact terms and possibilities for restoring electricity.

“As for the prospects, we are quite careful with the terms here, so that, firstly, we do not inform the enemy, and, secondly, we always say that people themselves will learn about the improvements that we will have,” he explained.

According to him, now the situation with the light in the region is difficult, but already stable. The official added that the restoration will continue in the future.

What is known about the attack on energy facilities in the Kharkiv region

As UNIAN wrote, on March 22, the Russian occupiers shelled Kharkiv, resulting in a blackout in the city. According to the mayor of the city Igor Terekhov, this was the most powerful attack since the beginning of the full-scale invasion.

“Today we experienced a very heavy night. The enemy dropped more than 20 rockets on Kharkiv. It was the most powerful missile attack on Kharkiv since the beginning of the war. He purposefully hit the energy infrastructure and disabled it. The city is completely without electricity, as a result of which the water does not work – and heat supply, electric transport stopped,” he noted.

Later, the head of “Ukrenergo” said that the electricity situation in Kharkiv, which suffered due to a mass missile attack by the enemy, could improve in about a week.

“In Kharkiv, the situation is the most difficult. We have three options, how to ensure increased supply of electricity to the city’s consumers, we follow these three paths in parallel,” he said.

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