Bomb backstage! CHP and İYİ Party are making an alliance in two cities! Candidates withdraw

Bomb backstage!  CHP and İYİ Party are making an alliance in two cities!  Candidates withdraw

It was claimed that the alliance between CHP and İYİ Party was very close in the two metropolitan cities. It was claimed that the İYİ Party would withdraw Turhan Çömez and support the CHP Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality candidate Ahmet Akın, and that the CHP was very close to supporting the İYİ Party candidate named Ordu. It was claimed that Özgür Özel reminded Akşener of his “Balıkesir promise” during the bilateral meeting, and Akşener said, “I remember my promise.”


It was claimed that CHP and İYİ Party were very close to cooperation in Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality and Ordu Metropolitan Municipality. It was claimed that CHP Leader Özgür Özel reminded Akşener of his “Balıkesir promise” in two meetings with İYİ Party Chairman Meral Akşener, and Akşener said “I remember my promise”.

Despite the strained relations between the two parties due to the discourses originating from the İYİ Party after the May elections, Özel recently paid a condolence visit to Akşener on the death of her older sister Mualla Özen.

Özgür Özel spoke at the PM meeting

According to Birgün’s report, it was reported that CHP’s Özgür Özel conveyed an important development regarding Balıkesir to the members of the PM during the CHP candidate selection process, which started at 14.45 on February 12 and continued until the morning hours of February 13. According to the information obtained, contacts between CHP and İYİ Party to ensure cooperation in the two metropolitan cities continue. It was also claimed that Akşener requested support for Ordu Metropolitan Municipality in exchange for CHP’s support for Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Ahmet Akın.

Akşener wanted Ordu and Susurluk

Party sources stated that İYİ Party asked for support in Ordu and Susurluk district of Balıkesir in exchange for supporting the CHP candidate in Balıkesir. It was stated that both CHP and İYİ Party wings are positive about cooperation in Ordu and Balıkesir, and that the possibility of cooperation in the three election circles will be finalized by February 20.

If an agreement is reached, Çömez will withdraw from candidacy.

If an agreement is reached on Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality, the candidacy of İYİ Party’s Balıkesir candidate, Deputy Turhan Çömez, will be withdrawn. İYİ Party will support CHP’s candidate in Balıkesir. CHP, which announced the candidacy of Zekai Sana for Ordu and Hakan Yıldırım Semizel for Susurluk district of Balıkesir, will withdraw these names and support İYİ Party’s candidate in both election circles.


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