Boninho on criticism of Carnival coverage: I don’t care – 02/13/2024 – Television

Boninho on criticism of Carnival coverage: I don’t care – 02/13/2024 – Television


Director of Globo’s variety and reality show genre, and largely responsible for Carnival broadcasts, JB de Oliveira, known as Boninho, says he doesn’t care about the criticism that the broadcast of the samba school parades received this year.

In an interview with Veja magazine this Tuesday (13), Boninho assumed responsibility as director, but denied paying attention to what a large part of the public complained about on social media.

“I’m the director. I’m loving everything. I don’t care about the criticism”, he said quickly in an interview at the Sapucaí Sambadrome. Boninho was there with his partner, presenter Ana Furtado.

Globo has been criticized on social media for its coverage of the 2024 Carnival parades. Internet users condemned the lack of information broadcast on television, such as the history of schools and problems that occurred along the route.

This year, the broadcaster’s Rio de Janeiro Carnival broadcast is a partnership between the entertainment area and sport, sectors that are flexible with advertising, something not allowed in the journalism area.

Karine Alves and Alex Escobar coordinated communication with those on the avenue from the studio, work carried out this year by influencers such as Vitor DiCastro.

The National Federation of Journalists issued a note this Tuesday (13) repudiating Globo’s Carnival coverage and stating that, with unprepared and uninformed presenters, the broadcast had errors.

“By giving up reporters, the broadcaster that holds the commercial broadcasting rights left viewers without crucial information about the party. The entity emphasizes the essential importance of journalistic work in covering this event that is so important for national culture”, says the note.


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