Bosacka warns. Christmas “customs” can be dangerous. Sad consequences

Bosacka warns.  Christmas “customs” can be dangerous.  Sad consequences

Pots on the windowsills and even on the balcony under a blanket of snow are quite a common sight in December. Now, when there are frosts all over Poland, it would seem that there is nothing stopping you from turning your windowsill into a refrigerator. However, it turns out that you have to be very careful!

— In winter, and especially during the holidays, when you can’t even fit a pin into a fridge that’s packed to the brim, many of us keep food on the balcony, terrace, or even on the window sill. Is it good idea? Both yes and no – says Katarzyna Bosacka to “Fakt”.

He adds: Good, provided that we constantly monitor the temperature outside, which can drop well below zero at night. Sudden freezing and thawing of food is not safe for our healthespecially when we are talking about food that should not be frozen: cream cakes, cakes with whipped cream or vegetable salad with mayonnaise.


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