Brave New Europe: NATO countries forced Ukraine to abandon negotiations | Policy

Brave New Europe: NATO countries forced Ukraine to abandon negotiations |  Policy

NATO countries put pressure on Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky in 2022 and forced him to abandon negotiations with Russia, writes Brave New Europe.

The authors of the article were former adviser to the UN Secretary General Michael von der Schulenburg, professor of political science at the Free University of Berlin Hajo Funke and former chairman of the NATO Military Committee, retired German general Harald Kujatv. According to them, Kyiv and Moscow agreed on the general contours of resolving the conflict a month after the start of the special operation.

Then Ukraine promised that it would not join NATO. A preliminary agreement was also agreed upon to prevent the deployment of foreign bases on its territory. Russia promised to recognize the territorial integrity of the neighboring country.

However, NATO countries intervened in the peace negotiations of February-March 2022. Such agreements were contrary to the interests of the alliance.

“The reason is that such a peace agreement would be tantamount to the defeat of NATO, the end of NATO’s eastward expansion and thus the end of the dream of a unipolar world dominated by the United States,” the material says.

The authors are sure that Vladimir Zelensky wanted to end the conflict from the very beginning. That’s why he was ready to meet with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian side has now chosen the path to the North Atlantic Alliance. “Natification” is one of the priorities of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.


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