Building a better home, this concern warms people’s hearts!

Building a better home, this concern warms people’s hearts!

Since 2023, some places in our country have suffered from natural disasters such as floods, typhoons, and earthquakes, which have adversely affected people’s production and life. General Secretary Xi Jinping is very concerned about the people affected by the disaster. He pointed out that only when the country is safe and the people are safe can the country be safe. The Party Central Committee and party committees and governments at all levels are always thinking about everyone’s safety. They also hope that the villagers can rely on their own hands to rebuild their beautiful homes and create a happy life. This Spring Festival, how are the lives of the folks in the disaster areas going? What new progress has been made in post-disaster reconstruction work? Follow our reporters to take a look.

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During the Spring Festival, Longwangmiao Village in Shangzhi City, Heilongjiang Province is steaming in the white snow. Outside the house, they dance yangko, have snowball fights, and hang lanterns. Inside the house, they put up window grilles, make hot pots, and make dumplings. The sumptuous reunion dinner is full of the taste of hometown. Villager Yang Chungui and his family sat together and talked about the unforgettable moments of the past year.

Yang Chungui, a villager in Longwangmiao Village, Shangzhi City, Heilongjiang Province:When General Secretary Xi Jinping came to our house, you were studying in Beijing. You were not at home, so I asked the General Secretary to come and visit my house. Dad really welcomed the General Secretary to our house.

During last year’s flood season, severe floods hit the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and Northeast regions. During the critical period of post-disaster reconstruction, the General Secretary took a train, changed a car, and traveled all the way to the severely affected Longwangmiao Village.

At Yang Chungui’s home, General Secretary Xi Jinping went from asking about insulation materials and earthquake resistance levels to caring about whether the house would be habitable before winter… The scenes at that time were unforgettable for Lao Yang.

Yang Chungui, a villager in Longwangmiao Village, Shangzhi City, Heilongjiang Province:It was hot when the General Secretary came to my house, and I was wearing half-length sleeves. The General Secretary is particularly concerned about our winter problems. The General Secretary said that winter in Northeast China comes early and lasts relatively long, and he is worried about our heating problems. The general secretary saw the boiler at first sight after entering the house. He asked me if the boiler could be used for heating when it was cold in winter. He asked me to show him how to use the boiler, which was very heart-warming.

At present, the restoration and reconstruction work of 168 damaged houses in Longwangmiao Village has been completed, the infrastructure has been restored, and the affected people have lived in warm houses as scheduled; 107 seedling greenhouses have been rebuilt or repaired, preparing for spring plowing and production.

The well-being of the masses has always been a concern for General Secretary Xi Jinping. Since September last year, General Secretary Xi Jinping has visited the disaster-stricken areas three times to visit and express condolences to the affected people, leaving behind warm moments of people’s leaders and people sharing the same boat through thick and thin.

Wanquanzhuang Village in Zhuozhou, Hebei Province was also severely affected by floods last summer. In November, when winter began in the north, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Wanquanzhuang Village to visit and express condolences to the people affected by the disaster, and to inspect and guide post-disaster recovery and reconstruction work.

Fu Jijun, a villager in Wanquanzhuang Village, Diaowo Town, Zhuozhou, Hebei:Last year, when the general secretary came, the house had just been walled up to this position. The general secretary touched it and said that the work was done very well. He asked me whether it was a three-seven wall or a two-four wall. I said that this wall is 24-inch tall and 3-7-inch tall on both sides. Looking at the general secretary was so warm, I really shed tears at that moment. We are going to hurry up and renovate and move in as soon as possible. Everyone in the village is very motivated now and try their best to live a good life.

Walking hand in hand through thick and thin, the General Secretary’s warm encouragement inspired the cadres and the masses to overcome difficulties with confidence and courage.

At present, Lao Fu’s family has built this new house on the original site, which is twice the size of the original one. The reinforcement and renovation of the 172 houses in the village have also been completed. The village’s New Year’s goods fair opened before the Spring Festival, and building material stalls were specially arranged to facilitate villagers’ spring decoration.

In the areas affected by earthquake disasters in Gansu and Qinghai provinces last year, during this Spring Festival, the repair and reinforcement work of damaged schools and houses in the two places is being stepped up to ensure that the affected people can move into new homes as soon as possible. While ensuring the basic living security of the people, the two places A series of cultural activities were also organized so that everyone can feel the strong flavor of the New Year in the temporary resettlement houses.

In the resettlement site of Lajia Village, Guanting Town, Haidong County, Qinghai Province, a simple and sincere wedding told the villagers’ simple understanding of happiness.

Zhu Chengfang, a citizen of Haidong, Qinghai Province, and a villager in Lajia Village, Guanting Town, Qinghai Province:I feel that as long as he is by my side, I am very happy and happy. In the new year, I hope to build my new home quickly.

The Year of the Dragon contains the beautiful meaning of bravery and endless vitality. Unity is strength, and confidence is worth more than gold. On the new journey, we are strengthening our confidence, inspiring our spirits, and working hard towards a happier and better future.


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