BUMN Bank Duo Continues to Break the Record for the Highest Share Price in History

BUMN Bank Duo Continues to Break the Record for the Highest Share Price in History

Deputy Minister of BUMN Kartika Wirjoatmodjo. (BP/BRI Document)

JAKARTA, BALIPOST.com – The two largest banks in Indonesia, namely Bank Mandiri and Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI), recorded the highest profit records in the country’s banking industry. In detail, the total net profit of these two banks alone has reached IDR 115.5 trillion.

That’s just profit, if the assets of the two are added up the total value reaches more than IDR 4,139 trillion. Bank Mandiri alone, its assets reached IDR 2,174.2 trillion and Bank BRI’s assets touched IDR 1,965 trillion in 2023.

Thanks to this achievement, Bank Mandiri (BMRI) and BRI (BBRI) shares have become easy targets for foreign and local investors. Certainly today’s stock exchange is more cheerful because of the presence of these two stocks.

As of Monday (12/2/2024) BMRI’s share price had touched IDR 7,200 per share. Then, BBRI’s share price also reached IDR 5,975. The highest record for both in history.

How could it not be, the market capitalization of this duo of state-owned banks reaches IDR 1,577.56 trillion, if you add them up they automatically enter the top 10 largest banks in Asia. Amazing achievement!

Well, these two banks are also the largest contributors to BUMN dividends in Indonesia. Last year alone, Bank Mandiri and BRI paid dividends to the state of IDR 36.07 trillion. That’s a lot, right? If all BUMNs are totaled, the amount of dividends contributed to the state even reached IDR 81.2 trillion last year.

This means that this amount is equivalent to 44.8% of the total BUMN dividends to the state last year. Contributions to the state will also definitely increase, in line with the increase in profits recorded in 2023 by the two state-owned banks.

“From the various challenges that exist at the beginning of 2024, Indonesia’s economic condition still has great potential. “We are proud and optimistic that Bank Mandiri and BRI will be able to grow and make a positive contribution to Indonesia,” said Deputy Minister of BUMN Kartika Wirjoatmodjo when contacted, Monday (12/2). (Adv/balipost)


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