“Burger King” overview of 2023, sales exceeding new highs Ready to move forward with the strategy “King of Burgers”

“Burger King” overview of 2023, sales exceeding new highs  Ready to move forward with the strategy “King of Burgers”

Burger King, an American burger brand Reinforcing being the number 1 burger brand in the hearts of consumers. Revealing the overall success of business results for the first 11 months of 2023 that have grown past new highs. This is a result of online marketing strategies that meet consumer needs. Ready to continue stimulating sales at the end of the year with a new campaign, “Bolognese Collection,” which brings together Bolognese sauce. Or red sauce is made into a new menu and is ready to create virality in the online world even before it’s released. By using the name given by the fan club to use in the menu ready for sale. It is expected that this campaign will help promote overall business performance in 2023 to grow in line with the set goals.

Mr. Thanawat Damnoenthong, General Manager, Burger (Thailand) Co., Ltd. revealed that throughout the past 11 months of 2023, Burger King had its strongest growth in 23 years, with a strategy that aims to reach more Thai people. Whether it is continuing to expand branches to cover the entire country, in 2023 there will be further expansion and renovation of more than 10 existing branches. There will also be the development of new menus and existing menus, both savory and sweet dishes. In flavors that Thai people are familiar with, such as Khanom Krok pie and Hat Yai fried chicken. which has received a good response from consumers Until launching promotions that come with good value for money in both burger menus, rice menus, etc., as well as developing various sales channels to meet all lifestyle needs, such as ordering at the store or using an app. drive-thru, as well as self-pick up or advance ordering systems To provide convenience to consumers in the most comprehensive manner.

In addition to developing new food menus and service channels, Burger King also uses another important strategy, which is online marketing campaigns to communicate with consumers in real time, such as The Real Burger campaign, which promotes the restaurant’s tagline, Have It Your Way, to emphasize that the burgers are delicious. The best is burgers just the way we like them. Until it was the origin of the Real Cheese Burger phenomenon, a 20-slice all-cheese burger, and the Real Meat Burger, a 100-slice beef burger that created a viral sensation online throughout the country. The campaign resulted in an increase of more than 3,000% in engagement on the Burger King Facebook fan page, allowing Burger King to expand its customer base by 50%, including the number of registrations on the app. Apps increased 4 times and created new high sales during the campaign period, increasing by more than 20%.

For the end of 2023, which is a time of celebrating the festival of happiness. and welcome foreign tourists coming into the country during the high season. Burger King has released a campaign. Bolognese Collection(Bolognese Collection) which is the famous Bolognese sauce of Italy. It comes as an ingredient in all 3 food menus, including long chicken burgers with red sauce. Double Beef Burger with Red Sauce and French fries with cheese and red sauce at a starting price of just 99 baht. What’s special is that the name of the menu comes from a campaign on Burger King Thailand’s Facebook page that asks followers to help name new menu items that are about to be released. which the choice of using the name of the menu This is another strategy that will help make it easier for consumers to remember products. and can order conveniently It truly reflects being a brand that has created a strong community between brands and consumers.

This is from the implementation of the above strategy. Burger King is confident that it will help drive business growth in the final period and make the overall business performance in 2023 grow beyond the target of more than 20%, while the business direction in 2024 will continue to develop menus. New products that meet the needs along with expanding branches to cover more of the country. To reinforce our position as the No. 1 King of Burgers and move forward to becoming a Restaurant as a Future, meeting the needs of consumers of all genders and ages, covering all aspects.” Mr. Thanawat Concluding remarks

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