Bushra Bibi’s food was poisoned: Umar Ayub

Bushra Bibi’s food was poisoned: Umar Ayub


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Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Omar Ayub has said that Bushra Bibi’s food was poisoned.

Umar Ayub, Asad Qaiser, Shibli Faraz and other PTI leaders spoke to the media in Rawalpindi.

On this occasion, Umar Ayub said that Bushra Bibi is Imran Khan’s weakness and not his strength, he is going to be checked up.

He said that there has been a detailed meeting with prisoner number 804, the message of PTI founder is to continue the struggle for our stolen mandate.

Umar Ayub said PTI founders said they stand by the independence of the judiciary, hoping that the Supreme Court would form a full bench and probe the judges’ letter.

He said that PTI founders have expressed concern over the threatening letters to the judges, we are starting our movement after Eid, we have finalized the Grand Alliance.

Talking to the media, Asad Qaiser said that after Eid, the movement will be carried out vigorously, a meeting will be held at Akhtar Mengal’s house on 12th, and the schedule of the meeting will be given throughout the country.

Asad Qaiser said that the first meeting will be held in Pishin, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, officers of our choice are not being given, they are not being given money.

He said that they are going to start the movement again after Eid, the next meeting will be held in Quetta from where they will schedule the meetings, they want the supremacy of constitution and law in Pakistan, Pakistan has been made a republic.

Asad Qaiser said that the role of the Chief Justice of Pakistan is important in the current situation, the election of our province in the Senate was postponed, KP has given a heavy mandate to a party, is it being punished?

On this occasion, Shibli Faraz said that the people gave Tehreek-e-Insaaf a full mandate which was stolen, we have to struggle in the courts, we have to differentiate between people with Form 45 and Form 47.

Shibli Faraz also said that people’s rejected people have been put on the musnad, investment is not happening in the country, people are going out of the country.


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