By the tooth. The chief dentist of the Russian Federation named the product to finish dinner with | Proper nutrition | Health

By the tooth.  The chief dentist of the Russian Federation named the product to finish dinner with |  Proper nutrition |  Health

A balanced diet and vitamin therapy are the key to dental health. However, there are products that you should pay special attention to in order to maintain a beautiful smile longer.

More ascorbic acid

“One of the most important vitamins for the prevention of inflammatory periodontal diseases is vitamin C,” told Chief Dentist of the Ministry of Health of Russia, Rector of the Moscow State Medical and Dental University named after. A. I. Evdokimova, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Oleg Yanushevich. “It’s not without reason that a critical lack of vitamin C leads to scurvy, the main problem of which is bleeding gums and loss of all teeth. Therefore, vitamin C in the diet must be controlled.”

According to the doctor, additional doses of vitamin C are also useful in the sense that today there is a lot of stress and strain. Ascorbic acid can be taken in the form of vitamin-mineral complexes, but do not forget about the products that it contains. These are mainly vegetables and fruits.

Stash in the refrigerator

“If we are talking about a diet, then we should use fresh and not grated vegetables at least once a day,” advises the dentist. — Carrots are a great product for this. After we’ve had dinner, we always want to go back into the refrigerator after 6 pm. Place peeled and chopped carrots and celery in a glass. They wanted to eat, and instead of a sweet product, a piece of sausage, they took carrots and celery and chewed them. Chew, not bite and swallow. If you made three such “entries” into the refrigerator, you will lose at least 300-400 g in the morning, because you won’t eat too much. And clean your teeth extra.”

After dinner – a piece of cheese

But it’s best to end the dinner itself with a piece of cheese.

“We still eat some carbohydrates at dinner,” explains the doctor. — Some people finish with dessert, others prefer bread and butter. There are still carbohydrates that promote the development of microorganisms. Cheese, due to its alkaline environment, neutralizes the acids that microorganisms produce in you. In England it was a good rule for an aristocrat to finish his meal with cheese.”

So the rule of the English aristocrats will be quite useful for everyone. By the way, the doctor reminds that it is advisable to brush your teeth in the evening not before going to bed, but after the last meal.


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