Can’t throw the ‘sun’ past my neck.

Can’t throw the ‘sun’ past my neck.

They all talk about being handsome.

Progress Party MP Don’t you really understand that “expression” has a limited scope?

It is true that everyone has the right to express what they think. But it is not possible to freely express every thought.

In the case of “Tawan Thaluwang” creating content to disrupt the royal procession His Royal Highness Prince Kanitthathirachao Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn for political gain It’s not something that normal people do.

No one from the entire progressive party would do it.

But “Tawan Thaluwang” did it!

This alone can explain that the “expression” of “Tawan Thaluwang” is far beyond the bounds.

People holding the position of leader of the opposition in the House of Representatives Which is a position that requires a royal command to appoint, like “Chaithawat Tulathon”, can’t you tell the difference between that? An expression to devalue the monarchy. It’s something that shouldn’t be done.

What the opposition leader The communication came out on Saturday. It reflects the way of thinking. It’s hardly any different from “Tawan Talu Wang” at all.

They differ only in their social status.

“…in the case of the Talu Wang group I understand the frustration they expressed. But at the same time I believe we know that. Content and methods of expression These are two important things that go together. Choosing one method of expression There will be both sides that are satisfied/dissatisfied. understand/don’t understand Therefore, it should be considered that such political expressions Able to convey inner feelings and reasons to other groups of people in society. Can we recognize and understand the true reasons of the person expressing it?

However, no matter what the method that each party chooses to use is the line that we ‘Must’ not be crossed is the use of violence in response. or intent on destroying people who think differently than them from society Actions of the PDRC group at Siam Paragon today Therefore, it is something I strongly disagree with…”

No matter how many times I read it, I saw that “Chaithawat” posted to criticize the PDRC group. that they use violence

With empathy for the Talu Wang group!

So, what grievances does the Talu Wang Group have? Even though the issue of the Royal Procession had to be attacked on social media, “Thawatchai” understood well.

And the post that didn’t criticize “Tawan Thaluwang” even for a single word. Therefore, it is not different from giving a final result in any way.

Before “Chaithawat” blamed others for inciting hatred that led to the use of violence. Please consider what the Progressive Party, the Progressive Party, has always done.

Because “Tawan Talu Wang” is the product of the Kao Klai Party, the Progressive Party.

The expressions of “Tawan Taluwang” and his associates are the result of inciting hatred. Because it is an expression of hostility and desire to destroy the institution. More than an expression to present different ideas

And when “Rangsiman Rome” came out to deny it, the only people who believed it were probably their own people and Prom Som.

“…I insist that we are not behind anyone and that no one will be behind us. A progressive party is a progressive party. that acts with a standpoint on human rights

We believe in the potential for self-expression. As for when he expressed himself Will there be people who agree or disagree? It is everyone’s right to express their opinion.

But the standpoint of the Progressive Party is that we do not agree with violence. To express that is to create a society of fear. We have had a lesson. and did not make Thai society any better at all…”

“Rangsiman” does he know that the expression of “Tawan Taluwang” has a huge number of people disagreeing with him?

This isn’t a story. Showing your ability to express yourself in general matters. Go to a place where both people agree and disagree. Then come to a conclusion together.

But it is about creating content attacking the monarchy.

It is not a right of expression.

Therefore, the words of “Chaithawat” and “Rangsiman” further confirm the origin of “Tawan Taluwang” even more clearly.

The mouth says to adhere to the principles of correct humanity. But end the expression with threats to others. Progressive parties must be careful.

will be the trigger from a single drop of honey It could become a large-scale civil war in the future.

Stop using children as tools.

I’m asking directly, since “Chaithawat” and “Rangsiman” didn’t criticize “Tawan Thaluwang” at all, they both tried to obstruct the royal procession. Would you like it?

I probably wouldn’t do it because I knew the consequences that would follow.

But I don’t think I blame “Tawan Thaluwang”

Instead, it was thrown towards the PDRC as being the party that created the violence.

Of course, “violence” no one wants to happen. Except for those who want it to happen in order to take advantage of violence.

Please turn around and look around. Is there anyone who is proud of the actions of “Tawan Taluwang”?

In addition to the progressive party Is there anyone who doesn’t criticize “Tawan Taluwang”?

People say that this is a matter of left and right.

Not at all.

It is a story of a shameful, barbaric person and those who live their lives according to the framework of the law.

When shameful people create anger among people in society The result came out as you can see.

So stop it!

What are the Kao Klai Party’s thoughts on the monarchy? People all over the country know each other.

In order to spark conflict over a sensitive matter such as what “Tawan Thaluwang” did, the Kaew Klai Party must realize that It can escalate into a political crisis.

“Showing off” by disagreeing with “Tawan Taluwang” whether it be from the Royal Thai Army Cadet Academy, members of the Senate Many political parties except the Move Forward Party is to signal Stop doing that shameful thing.

No one said that the Kao Klai Party was behind “Tawan Thaluwang”.

Because most of them saw it with their own eyes that The Forward Party is in the foreground. and went out to protect the Talu Wang group and Three Finger activists throughout

Therefore, no matter how to shake it off, there is no way out.

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