“Captain Majid” bids farewell to his followers, and the series’ author promises not to abandon its characters

“Captain Majid” bids farewell to his followers, and the series’ author promises not to abandon its characters


The famous football animated story “Captain Tsubasa”, known in the Arabic version as “Captain Majid”, was released for the last time today, Thursday, in Japan, 43 years after it was first released, but its maker does not intend to abandon its characters completely.

Japanese manga author Yoichi Takahashi wrote on Wednesday on his account on the “X” platform, “Now that I have finished drawing the last episode of the series, I feel relieved that I have finished everything and I feel liberated because I will finally be able to live my life without being tied to any deadlines.” Final for publication.

But while announcing his “retirement from drawing stories,” the godfather of the manga story, which was first published in 1981 in the Japanese weekly “Shonen Jump” magazine, indicated that he would continue to create adventures for football stars in his online story, in the form of storyboards.

The series has been adapted over the past decades in many forms, in animation or video games, and has even inspired statues in the neighborhood where Takahashi was born in Tokyo. The exploits of “Captain Majid” also inspired football legends during their childhood, such as Zinedine Zidane and Kylian Mbappe. And Lionel Messi.

The animated series was broadcast in more than 100 countries, while its story format sold 90 million copies worldwide, according to the specialized “Mangazenkan” website.

But in January, the 63-year-old artist announced that the series would end in April, attributing this to the deterioration of his health and the development of the manga industry. He wrote in a letter to readers, “It was not easy to make this decision, which may disappoint and sadden those who enjoy reading Captain Tsubasa.” But I hope you understand my decision.”

However, on Wednesday he tried to reassure his fans by indicating that he intends to continue his “creative activities.” “The story of Captain Tsubasa is not over yet! That’s a fact,” he wrote. Takahashi promised followers, “Since I no longer have deadlines, number of pages, or manuscript size to adhere to, I believe I can entertain you more freely.”


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