‘Cara Quadrada’ is arrested in SP before having plastic surgery to change his face

‘Cara Quadrada’ is arrested in SP before having plastic surgery to change his face


Eduardo Miranda, known as Cara Quadrada, was arrested in Itaquaquecetuba moments before undergoing plastic surgery, allegedly planned to alter his appearance and continue to evade justice. The suspect, aged 43, was wanted and was detained by agents from the 2nd Heritage Police Station, following an anonymous tip about his plans at the Vila Virgínia clinic. Miranda admitted that he was wanted, but denied trying to deceive the authorities, claiming that the surgery would only be for aesthetic purposes.

According to information from the State Department of Criminal Investigations (Deic) and the São Paulo Public Security Secretariat (SSP-SP), Cara Quadrada’s arrest revealed a scheme to change his face through surgical procedures, with the aim of remaining at large. Despite admitting his wanted status, the suspect refused to present an identity document when approached. The case was registered as a wanted person at the Itaquaquecetuba Police Station.

Eduardo Miranda’s defense team could not be reached to comment on what happened. The police action, based on information from an anonymous tip, resulted in the arrest of the suspect before he could perform the plastic surgery. The case gained prominence due to the attempt to alter his physiognomy as an escape strategy, leading the authorities to uncover Cara Quadrada’s plans before it was too late.


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