Carla Bruni on “Belve”: “Used by my sister and seen as a drunkard”

Carla Bruni on “Belve”: “Used by my sister and seen as a drunkard”


Carla Bruni, alcohol and the relationship with her sister Valeria. These are some of the themes addressed by the former top model and actress, guest last night on Francesca Fagnani, in the first episode of “Belve” on Rai2.

“I feel used, not represented. She only makes films inspired by my family… I saw myself as a drunk. This is one of my great fragilities, why expose it like this?”, said the 56-year-old from Turin speaking about Valeria Bruni Tedeschi – her sister, actress and director – and the way in which her family was, in her opinion, represented in the film “I Holidaymakers”.

The relationship with Sarkozy

On the tendency towards alcohol addiction he explains: “Some people can drink a small glass of wine and that’s it. I have no limit. Alcohol is made for people who have moderation, I don’t have moderation, it wasn’t born with me.” On her role as premiere dame, Bruni gave an unpublished and biting story: “It was interesting, a unique opportunity… I certainly wouldn’t experience it every day, I’m happy that it’s over.” And when Fagnani asks her if Sarkozy’s failure to re-elect was a relief for her, she replies: “Yes, I was really praying.” “So you’re better now?” Fagnani urged her: “Much better now”, Bruni replied decisively.

Family and betrayal

The presenter then asked her if being an illegitimate daughter had repercussions on her life and Bruni admitted: “Yes. Adultery for me is not a sin, I am a daughter of that love.” “Would you then tolerate it in her marriage?” “Yes, I would tolerate it, if it were adultery like this…”. “Physical?”, the presenter asks again: “Yes… if she fell in love, no, I would slaughter him”, replied Bruni. Then the journalist closes: “But did it happen?”. “I don’t know, but he’s alive,” Bruni underlines, laughing.


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