Carnival night: the surprise of the venue with capacity and Michelin sausages

Carnival night: the surprise of the venue with capacity and Michelin sausages

A sausage that would give an endocrinologist hives, a girl from ‘The Exorcist’ with her bed and her bodice, some beach bar ‘bartenders’ who do contortionism to avoid tripping over each other while they serve beers and rum and Cola as if there were no morning and some neighbors who lower the blinds and close the windows to see if they can prevent the noise from entering their heads at the time reserved for sleep…

All of this fits into a carnival night in the capital of Gran Canaria, in that space between the stage of the Port, half a roundabout of Belén María, the Plaza de Manuel Becerra, that gymkhana that is the fair between the Castillo de La Luz and the church of the same name, a theoretically gigantic urban space to accommodate carnival-goers on Monday night and early Tuesday morning but which becomes too small with so much desire to party.

As the Port area, which has become the epicenter of ‘The Carnivals of the World’ when the one who takes the stage is the singer Elvis Crespo, who has been making the crowd move their hips for more than two decades. On Monday night Thousands of people were left wanting to see it because the capacity was covered and the criteria of the security experts were imposed, but someone should have warned that those were the rules of the game. This would have avoided the anger, the pushing and some kicking at the fences that forced the Police to appear.

By the way, olThe national police forces of half of Spain They were there or the locals had dressed up as the first ones, because there were the first ones everywhere and the magician Pop had made the second ones disappear.

The blood did not reach the river but the disappointment remained, especially when you could hear and see those who had entered enjoying themselves and outside there was a back and forth between Manuel Becerra and the Port area that only served to form a human buffer. As a lesser evil, a screen that did not qualify as giant reproduced the performance on the Puerto and Manuel Becerra stages, but you had to have a very good ear to follow the songs: turning up the volume is not always synonymous with being heard. good.

But as it had to have funWell, in bad weather, a good face. And if it is with the departure of the Aseres group, then it is easier. His mix of his own hits with a remix of hits from other artists, in an exhausting chain, raised the masses, who by then were already digesting sausages as if they were a tasting menu in a three-star Michelin (but with Michelin in lower case and with an accent). ).


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