Cayenne: a woman killed by a stray bullet and a child injured during a chase

Cayenne: a woman killed by a stray bullet and a child injured during a chase

The chase degenerated. A woman was killed and a child injured, both by gunfire, on Saturday in Cayenne during an attempted phone and jewelry theft that did not concern them. The two perpetrators of the attack fled, we learned on Monday from the prosecution. The events took place on Saturday afternoon: two armed individuals tried to rob a young man carrying a telephone and jewelry, but the latter did not give in and ran away, according to Yves Le Clair, the prosecutor. of the Republic of Cayenne.

A chase ensues during which the criminals open fire. The man being chased “believes he has been hit, falls then gets up again”, specifies the prosecutor. However, the shot(s) did not hit him, but a woman and a young child who were nearby were hit. The perpetrators then fled the scene, according to the magistrate.

The woman was declared dead on the spot at 5:13 p.m. by emergency services, according to the prosecutor. The child, aged 2 or 3, was taken to hospital. His vital prognosis was then in jeopardy, which was no longer the case on Monday morning, as assured by the police, who also confirmed a family link between the two victims. The investigation was entrusted to the Cayenne judicial police.

During the summer of 2022, the Cayenne public prosecutor’s office experimented with the classification without prosecution of seizures of less than 1.5 kg of cocaine in Guyana, in particular with the aim of “increasing the effort on violence committed on public roads” .


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