CCTV Spring Festival Gala heats up cultural tourism markets in four places

CCTV Spring Festival Gala heats up cultural tourism markets in four places

At 20:00 on February 9, the China Central Radio and Television Station’s 2024 Spring Festival Gala arrived as scheduled in a joyful, auspicious and joyful atmosphere. The Year of the Dragon Spring Festival Gala adopts the “1+4” model. The four branch venues in Shenyang, Liaoning, Changsha, Hunan, Xi’an, Shaanxi, and Kashgar, Xinjiang, together with the main venue in Beijing, bring a passionate and steaming cultural feast.

At the Shenyang branch of the Spring Festival Gala at the China Industrial Museum, Northeastern folk arts and contemporary fashions creatively collided; the Changsha branch showed vitality with songs of youth; the Xi’an branch sang poems and songs; and the Kashgar branch had people of all ethnic groups singing and laughing. Topic words generated by the four sub-venues are constantly trending on the Internet, and the cultural tourism market in the four places is becoming more and more “hot”.

Shenyang: Ushering in the first tourism peak in the Year of the Dragon

This winter, the Northeast is destined to be unusual, with high popularity online and high traffic offline. When the Spring Festival Gala branch venue was located in Shenyang, the place became even more popular.

The stage fully demonstrates the achievements of the comprehensive revitalization of Northeast China in the new era, allowing people to see a Shenyang with pulsating industrial vitality, people living and working in peace and contentment, and rapid development.

The strong New Year atmosphere and unique ice and snow scenery have become the main features of the Shenyang branch venue. The party collided traditional folk arts with contemporary fashion, with suona and piano dueting, high-pitched Northeastern melodies echoing rap, and a robotic arm lifting a holographic fan screen… showing the results of the revitalization and development of the old industrial base in Northeast China in the new era and celebrating the New Year with the people. Rejoice and rejoice.

Data shows that during this year’s Spring Festival holiday, Shenyang’s tourism orders increased by 1,500% year-on-year. Shenyang ushered in the first tourism peak in the Year of the Dragon.

Huo has a new atmosphere of development and a new spiritual temperament. The Spring Festival Gala demonstrated cultural confidence, and Shenyang tempered its development confidence. Shenyang is injecting the “popularity” gathered outward and the “confidence” activated inward into the vitality and power of the comprehensive revitalization of Northeast China.

Changsha: Carefully plan travel routes

As soon as the news that the Spring Festival Gala branch venue came to Changsha came out, it quickly received praise from local netizens on social media. The Changsha branch venue is located at the “three halls and one hall” at the intersection of the Xiangjiang River and Liuyang River. After the Spring Festival Gala was broadcast, many citizens and tourists came here to check in. The prosperous cultural and tourism market has kept Changsha popular for tourism.

As an important city in the Yangtze River Economic Belt, Changsha has a strong ability to drive regional economic development. Showing the new chapter of high-quality development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt and the prosperous regional cultural atmosphere have become the main features of the Changsha branch venue. In Changsha at night, thousands of houses are lit with lights and fireworks are brilliant. With the lush youthful wishing tree as the main stage, thousands of young people completed a large-scale chorus together, ushering in the beautiful moment of bidding farewell to the old and welcoming the new in the blessing of “every wish comes true”.

During the Spring Festival holiday, Changsha has carefully prepared and planned 7 quality Spring Festival cultural tourism routes and 2 popular check-in routes to comprehensively display the essence of Changsha’s cultural tourism, take tourists to experience the city’s heritage up close, and experience the beauty of Changsha’s mountains and rivers in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. The prosperity of humanities and the momentum of development.

Xi’an: Let tourists immerse themselves in the New Year atmosphere

With the opening of the branch venue of the Year of the Dragon Spring Festival Gala in Xi’an, this historical and cultural city once again exudes new charm. The city that never sleeps in the Tang Dynasty is crowded with tourists, and Xi’an’s Spring Festival tourism is off to a good start.

The Xi’an branch of the Spring Festival Gala combines tradition and modernity, allowing the audience to “change scenery step by step” and perform a poetry duet that spans thousands of years, allowing everyone to immerse themselves in Xi’an’s unique New Year atmosphere. This poetic performance continued offline and became a highlight of Xi’an’s New Year cultural tourism activities. The modern fashion of theatrical performances, hot spring skiing, light, film and audio-visual, and the traditional experiences of dragon dance, Shehuo, Qinqiang opera and lantern festival allow tourists to appreciate the cultural charm of Xi’an in the collision of ancient and modern times.

Inside and outside the city walls, tradition and fashion collide. Xi’an, a diverse and inclusive city, welcomes tourists from all over the world with full enthusiasm.

Kashgar: The streets and alleys of the ancient city are full of flavor of the New Year

There are tinkling sounds in the handicraft workshops, the humming of earthen looms, and folk artists playing and singing on the streets… Walking in the ancient city of Kashgar, the stacked houses and winding streets unfold before your eyes.

Kashgar was a necessary stop on the ancient Silk Road, and now it is an important window for China to open to the west. With the General Station’s Year of the Dragon Spring Festival Gala setting up a branch venue in Kashgar, the city has entered more people’s sights. At night, Kashgar becomes a sea of ​​joy amid the lively ethnic song and dance performances.

After the Spring Festival Gala was broadcast, the popularity of Kashgar increased again. Fu Daijun, a Shanghai tourist who has traveled to Kashgar, said: “During the Spring Festival holiday, I wanted to experience the unique experience Kashgar brought me again and take an ‘in-depth tour’.”

Ai Zezai Aike Lawujiang, a student of Kashgar City’s No. 16 Primary School, held her mother’s hand and recited New Year’s poems. Big red lanterns decorated the streets and alleys. Beautiful Kashgar is full of New Year’s flavor.


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