Cecchettin: Palermo, a minute of silence to remember Giulia

Cecchettin: Palermo, a minute of silence to remember Giulia

Palermo, 21 Nov. (Adnkronos) – A minute of silence followed by long applause for Giulia Cecchettin, the last in terms of feminicide victims this year. Thus began the inauguration ceremony of the hydroponic greenhouse of the IISS ‘Ernesto Ascione’ in Palermo. The inauguration ceremony which took place as part of the Tree Festival was attended by the General Director of the Regional School Office for Sicily Giuseppe Pierro who spoke to an attentive audience of students about self-respect and others, of emotions, of feelings and at the same time condemning every form of abuse. “Take care of even your most hidden part, your feelings and learn to accept and pamper them because your emotions guide your life – said Director Pierro -. It is unthinkable that someone could not have respect for the person next to them, for any reason: because they are considered different, they are considered other, thus justifying violence and abuse. It must never happen again.” An example in the world of Sicilian schools of the commitment that educational institutions of all levels throughout the region demonstrate with the autonomous promotion of activities aimed at respecting women and enhancing gender difference. There are 290 schools in the nine provinces that responded to the monitoring of the activities carried out on the theme of the elimination of violence against women celebrated on 25 November each year.


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