Central Retail Vietnam opens the Year of the Dragon very strong, growing 10%

Central Retail Vietnam opens the Year of the Dragon very strong, growing 10%

Receive active purchasing power during the Vietnamese New Year festival. (Tet)

Mr.Yan wealth Chief Executive Officer company Central Retail Corporation Ltd. (public) or CRC saidFrom data from the Central Institute for Economic Management (CIEM) of Vietnam It is expected that the Vietnamese economy (GDP) There will be growth. 6.3% which was driven by the expansion of the export sector and investment by the public and private sectors, including FTA of a major trading partner like China and the United States As a result, the purchasing power of domestic consumers recovered quickly. and came out to spend and spend energetically As a result, Central Retail Vietnam Food Group has more sales growth. 10% During the festival Tet Compared to last year This is considered to be a very good opening of the Year of the Dragon.

In this year 2024 Central Retail Vietnam continues to expand its business. To carry out the work as planned The goal is to open a new branch of the hypermarket. GO! 3 Branches and shopping centers GO! more 3 Branch will make it to the end of the year. 2024 There is a hypermarket. GO! 41 Branches and shopping centers GO! 42 Branch in 32 Province from 63 Provinces throughout Vietnam There are also plans to expand the supermarket. go! (Mini Go!) which is a supermarket concept that penetrates the secondary market of Vietnam By focusing on selling quality products that are cost-effective, both fresh food and fashion, which are considered Winning Format And there has been great success of the Food Group. 10 Branches will be made within the end of the year. 2024 There will be a supermarket. go! Total more than 20 Branches nationwide

Central Retail Vietnam is committed to business growth. Along with creating sustainability for all sectors. Emphasize being Platform of Trust that consumers and all business partners in Vietnam have continually trusted and trustedMr.Yan Summary


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