Chamber of Embu das Artes (SP) revokes mandate of councilor who

Chamber of Embu das Artes (SP) revokes mandate of councilor who


The Chamber of Embu das Artes, a municipality in Greater São Paulo, revoked this Wednesday morning (28) the mandate of councilor Abidan Henrique (PSB), the only parliamentarian opposing the right-wing government of Mayor Ney Santos (Republicans) elected in city. The session was marked by protests for and against the process, which had been going on since October last year.

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The request alleged a breach of decorum in a video published on the councilor’s social media on October 11. At the time, Abidan planned to denounce in the gallery the expenditure made by the municipal administration on a country music festival, the Embu Contry Fest.

As the other councilors did not show up, the session was canceled due to lack of quorum. The opponent then made a post on his social networks, in which he stated that the parliamentarians “ran like rats” at the mayor’s command.

After the approval of his impeachment, Abidan returned to speak out on social media. “Because we denounce that the mayor took money from health and public safety, [ele] He did this cowardice, just because he has a majority in the Chamber”, he stated.

The Government Secretary, Renato Oliveira, denied city hall interference in legislative matters. “The powers are independent,” he said.

Abidan was elected in 2020. He has lived in the city since he was a child, where he founded a popular pre-university course before entering politics. Now, he says that he will seek to overturn the parliamentarians’ decision in court to continue his trajectory.

Spending on Embu Country Fest

Held between September 28th and October 1st, 2023, the Embu Country Fest country music festival had free entry and welcomed attractions such as Jorge & Mateus, Leonardo and Wesley Safadão.

In the months prior to its completion, Mayor Ney Santos enacted a supplementary credit decree that took R$2.3 million from the Health Department and R$500,000 from Public Security to the Culture portfolio.

Abidan Henrique asked the court to suspend the event because the expenses would be excessive given the city hall’s debts. In the request, he attached documents about debts in public accounts, especially in the health area.

Judge Barbara Carola Hinderberger Cardoso de Almeida accepted the request, but revoked her own decision on the same day, the start date of the festival, as the fees had already been paid. The party was then held.

Regarding the decrees that took money from Health and Public Security to Culture, the Government Secretary justified that Embu das Artes is a tourist city. “Based on an article by Embratur, for every 1 real invested in tourism, 20 reals are returned to the city’s economy,” he said.

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