Charlotte Austin clearly points out!!! Why do you have to watch drama? “Mon Rak Luk Thung” version 2024

Charlotte Austin clearly points out!!!  Why do you have to watch drama?  “Mon Rak Luk Thung” version 2024

rise to the podium “heroine” The first time and it is “Heroine Version 5” of legendary dramas and movies “The magic of love for country music” By continuing the chapter “Thongkwao” From the senior heroine The movie version in 1970 was Petchara Chaowarat Drama version in the year 1995 Honey Natharika As for the year 2005, he was played by Kob Suwanan and Ja Chittapa In 2011, when it comes in the 2024 version, for sure. Charlotte Austin Most watched that she would be “Thongkwao” in the drama “Mon Rak Luk Thung 2024” How good is it? By Miss Charlotte revealing the role “Thongkwao” In this version:

“I feel that Thongkwao is a beautiful, naughty, and gentle person. These three words are a person who must be beautiful and a star. The naughtiness means being like a naughty child who always teases her. She is also a naughty, goofy, and gentle person. She is not naughty like Kao. crack But it’s gentle and naughty. But it has to be someone we want to be gentle with, like Saijai, if she’s naughty, we’ll be naughty in return.” To which she said that this version of Thongkwao can fight people!!

“Yes, if you watch the drama, I want you to keep watching it. You will see a modern woman. Love yourself is like, if P’Klao truly loves Thongkwao, he must do everything to show Thongkwao that he loves him. But if in the past men didn’t love him, he would be sad. I’m not good enough, I don’t love myself. When I come to this version, I love myself. If it’s not good enough, I’ll let you go.”

What is the best thing about playing Charlotte’s role as “Dongkwao”? We continue to ask.

“It was to play the role of Thongkwao because of the previous version. Thongkwao character is Always doing well Therefore, we feel that it must not be lower than the standard. Must not be equal to or higher than the standard. Considered a legendary character Be a character who can’t be anyone. It must really be appropriate. To be able to convey the character that this is Thongkwa in the new and old versions is very difficult, but it can be done.”

What is the hardest thing about being a “Thongkwao” in this version?

It’s about having to let go of yourself. Because we don’t play ourselves. We play as Thongkwao, this person, a new version of Thongkwao, but we have to add the old version of Thongkwao as well. make people imagine it as a memory The difficult thing is How do we communicate it so that people remember that this is Thong Kwao?”

Where is the difference between Thong Kwao and Charlotte?

“Thongkwao will be a person who fights for love too much. The story is that there are many options to choose from. But choose the one person that we don’t know if we will have a future together or not. But if it’s real If he’s not as good as me or more than a mouse I don’t want any more. I can work and earn my own money. It’s better to love yourself, but Thongkwao can’t be like P’Klao, which I’m not like that. The similarities are that they are fighters, fighting for their work, fighting for their friends. Fight for love until the end. The last thing is if Thongkwao doesn’t end up with P’Klao. But it’s considered a fight. But if we fight and end up together well It is considered a successful fight for love.”

In addition to being a “heroine”, she also had to take on the role of a “singer” and sing background songs in this drama.!!

It’s more stressful than at a concert. Because this is a drama soundtrack that will stay with this drama forever. This song, this drama, ourselves, Thongkwao 2024, therefore feel that we have to do our best. Which until I got I love you the most, that one song, I edited it 3 times. The first time, I felt it was too stiff. The second time, I still felt like it didn’t quite fit with the melody. So I want to fix it for the 3rd time. Lower your voice. It’s like twisting your own voice to make it look clear and cute because when you put it in the scene It will fit in with the drama scene. The melodies and lyrics are cute. When mixed together, it will be more perfect than before. That had to be fixed because at first it felt like Charlotte, so it came out hard. Because our voice was deep, when the 3rd round felt like Thongkwao sang this song for Pee Klao, it came out that way. If you watch the drama, you will know that Thongkwao is naughty and naughty. Being with P’Klao will be like a small child, feeling crazy about love, shy and shy.”

Why do viewers have to watch it? Mantra of Luk Thung Love2024

“I want to see the change. modernity of Mantra of Luk Thung Love Even though the title is old, we added 2024 to let people know that it is a current story. But we can remake it in another 10 years. Next year there may be The love spell for country music is the same, it can change at any time. I want you to follow this version. Knowing that there must be a comparison But it’s fun to watch, there’s no need to compare too much. It’s better to watch for entertainment. I want to see everyone’s performance. Because everyone who performs must definitely have many more works.”

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