Cheap vaccine for the disease that has captured 39 million people in the world

Cheap vaccine for the disease that has captured 39 million people in the world

According to Hamshahri Online, quoted by Fox News, This vaccine can be a cheap and easy treatment for millions of people with this disease. A review of the database in the US showed that clinical trials are underway or in the final stages of at least seven Alzheimer’s vaccines designed to suppress the immune system and rid the brain of proteins associated with the disease, beta amyloid, or tau.

The redevelopment of an Alzheimer’s vaccine began more than 20 years ago after a promising first attempt. However, the study was abandoned 20 years ago after 6% of the volunteers developed life-threatening brain inflammation, known as meningoencephalitis. Researchers then took a safer route and injected patients with highly targeted, man-made antibodies that evade the body’s immune system.

2 drugs Leqembi from Isai and Biogen and donanumab from Eli Lilly have been unveiled for the treatment of Alzheimer’s, which are now under regulatory review in the United States. The treatment method of these two drugs is to remove amyloid, which is the key to fighting Alzheimer’s in people with the disease in the early stages. This success came after years of failure to question the theory of amyloid removal.

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Scientists now know what went wrong with the first vaccine and are testing vaccines that they hope will stimulate an immune response without causing additional inflammation. The US Food and Drug Administration has also speeded up its reviews by declaring an emergency for this vaccine. A vaccine administered once every three months or twice a year could be better than expensive drug injections like Lacambi and more easily accessible to the 39 million people with Alzheimer’s worldwide.


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