Chef Gryaznov explained how to avoid shawarma poisoning | Society

Chef Gryaznov explained how to avoid shawarma poisoning |  Society

Eating shawarma made from fresh ingredients will avoid poisoning; you can find such a dish in restaurants. Chef and expert consultant in the restaurant business Andrey Gryaznov told the online publication “Moscow Region Today” about this.

He noted that good shawarma differs in the quality of meat.

“Therefore, it is very important where you get the dish: restaurant shawarma and street shawarma are two different stories,” the expert said.

Gryaznov explained that kiosks often do not comply with sanitary standards. As part of these rules, it is necessary to put the meat in the refrigerator overnight, and also change the ingredients every two hours. If this is not done, the products will spoil. For this reason, poisoning occurs after eating street shawarma, he explained.

At the same time, restaurants do not use spoiled products, Gryaznov continued. In such establishments, all the ingredients are “made under the knife.”

“The chicken is cooked on the grill or in the grill, and all the products are fresh, because other dishes on the menu are prepared from the same tomatoes or cabbage,” the specialist concluded.

Earlier it was reported that in Irkutsk, employees of a fast food cafe were detained, where local residents were poisoned en masse by shawarma.


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