‘Chonnan’ confirmed that ‘5 amphetamine pills’ were taken as a user, countered by ‘Rewach’ asking what part of the brain he was thinking about.

‘Chonnan’ confirmed that ‘5 amphetamine pills’ were taken as a user, countered by ‘Rewach’ asking what part of the brain he was thinking about.

“Chonnan” counters “Rewat” for enacting drug laws. There is a committee to help each other use their brains to think. Stated that there is a policy to strengthen the community. Use as a base for therapy Push the hospital to do a mini-treasury. Accepting patients with severe symptoms

13 February 2024 – At 12.40 at Government House, Dr. Chonnan Srikaew, Minister of Public Health. Gave an interview about requesting a review of the ministerial regulations in which many parties disagreed with the determination of the amount of possession of drugs not exceeding 5 tablets, saying that the Ministry of Public Health determined the quantities of psychotropic substances, Type 1, Type 2, Type 5, which issued the Ministerial Regulation on the 9th. last February Will it be reviewed or not? You must ask who the people requesting the review are, what group they are, and for what reason. Because before it came out as a ministerial regulation We made a sketch before. and enter to listen to opinions A public hearing took 15 days to allow everyone to express their opinions. Many parties suggested that no more than 5 tablets must be owned. We therefore presented that opinion to the Cabinet for approval and allowed the Royal Decree to examine whether the draft version was correct or not. After that, he signed a ministerial regulation on January 31 and forwarded it to the relevant agencies, so it came into effect on February 9.

When asked about the results of enforcement, Dr. Chonnan said that we must see that the people Has the country benefited? Because Mr. Settha Thavisin, the Prime Minister, made a clear statement about drugs. It must be prevented, suppressed, treated, and rehabilitated, with a policy of treating addicts as patients and treating them to return them to society. We follow that policy.

As for the case of Police Lieutenant General Rewat Klinkasorn, former commander of the Narcotics Suppression Police. Express your opinion that the committee What do you think about issuing such ministerial regulations? Dr. Chonnan said that each person has the right to express their opinion. But the principles that are issued in the ministerial regulations or different ministry announcements There must be a parent law giving authority in order for it to be issued according to Section 107 of the Narcotics Code, which is written in 2 paragraphs, prohibiting the possession of drugs of type 1, type 2, and type 5. The 2nd paragraph states that psychotropic substances of the type Type 1 and Type 2, if possessed will be an offense according to law. But if anyone possesses a small amount According to the ministerial regulations, it is assumed that It’s for consumption. This makes sense because the addicts must be separated from the dealers. Because small-scale trade starts with people who use small quantities. until becoming a merchant If we can break this cycle It will break the cycle of small traders. Therefore, the determination of quantities has been carefully considered. From committees from every sector Both members of the drug treatment and rehabilitation committee which he himself is the chairman of Narcotics Control Board (NACC), Ministry of Justice, courts, military, police, which concludes like this and use the brains of these people to think

When asked about treatment facilities for drug patients whether they are adequate or not, Dr. Chonnan said that we have issued a policy to support this. It’s Quick Win that requires results to be seen within 100 days, so a drug rehab center has been set up. Medical aspects in every province A psychiatric ward was established. As for the efficient community hospital It was made into a mini-treasury. spread to hundreds of districts which can treat patients with severe symptoms and can be sent for treatment at Mini Thanyarak It is expected that it will take 3 – 4 months for rehabilitation to pass. and the Prime Minister’s policy Give importance to strengthening communities The community is the base for treatment. which people with mild symptoms Must also receive mental rehabilitation. Including vocational training social support until passing the course We will have a certificate so we will not be punished. But if you don’t pass, you will be punished as before.

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