CHP’s İmraniye candidate Aykut Erdodu and the organization stood up

CHP’s İmraniye candidate Aykut Erdodu and the organization stood up

The mayoral candidates who passed the CHP’s Central Executive Board have begun to be determined. Veli Ababa, who is claimed to have nominated a candidate at many points, was nominated from Malatya. The names of Abdurrahman Tutdere in Adyaman, Gürsel Tekin in Esenyurt, Aykut Erdodu in İmraniye and Murat Kseda in Kadky came to the fore. The final decision for these names, whose candidacy is considered certain, will be made by the CHP Party Assembly.


The candidacy of Erdodu, who has close relations with CHP Chairman Ozgur Ozel, caused a crisis in the CHP Imraniye organization.

Party members reacted on social media: “If you nominate a candidate who cannot find İmraniye if he writes on the internet, you will not be able to find anyone to work at the ballot box or in the field.”


CHP Istanbul Deputy Aykut Erdodu’s former wife, Özge Pomen, shared a voice recording of a phone call on her Twitter account in June, and in the recordings, Erdodu’s new wife, High Disciplinary Board (YDK) member Tuba Torun, was asked by the General Assembly to enter the Party Assembly. He was heard to say that he spoke with Minister Kemal Kldarolu and Deputy Minister General Ouz Kagan Salc many times.

After the incident became a hot topic, Erdodu made a statement, apologized to his new wife and resigned from the CHP together with his new wife.

Erdodu, 24-25-26-27. He served as CHP Deputy for the period and as CHP Deputy Chairman between 2017-2020.


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