Classes will be suspended at all levels due to the solar eclipse on April 8

Classes will be suspended at all levels due to the solar eclipse on April 8


The Government of Coahuila, through the Ministry of Education, determined the suspension of classes on Monday, April 8 for all educational levels, in order to prioritize the health and safety of all students due to the solar eclipse that will occur. next April 8.

The Secretary of Education, Emanuel Garza Fishburn, highlighted that, in Coahuila, the eclipse can be observed completely in 30 of the 38 municipalities and partially in 8 of them, therefore, aware of the importance and interest it generates This natural phenomenon, and after a review of the level of absenteeism projected in public and private support institutions, as well as requests from various educational communities, the decision was made to responsibly suspend activities that day.

Garza Fishburn invited the educational community to safely observe the eclipse next Monday, April 8 at the observation centers prepared for this event established in each municipality.

He recalled that it is extremely important to follow the recommendations issued by the competent authorities, since observing directly and without the necessary protection has irreversible consequences on the visual health of people who do not take due precautions.

Around this event, the State Government prepared a large operation so that the people of Coahuila, as well as those who visit us, can observe this phenomenon in order and tranquility, which will take place between 10:50 and 1:40 p.m. hours, with an approximate duration of total darkness of 3 to 4:27 minutes.

The Ministry of Education recalled the importance of following the recommendations made by the competent authorities to be able to enjoy this eclipse in the safest way:

– Use special filters such as Mylar or welding glasses with filter 14.

– Limit observation time to 10 seconds.

– Avoid using unsafe methods such as x-rays or smoked glass or reflection in water.

– Never look at the sun directly without protection.

For more information, call to visit the page where there is a list of the safe observation centers in Torreón, among which are the Urban Forest, Puerto las Noas, Plaza Mayor and the Convention Center.

In Piedras Negras there are authorized observation sites in the Gran Plaza and the Paseo del Río; in Acuña in the Macroplaza; in Múzquiz in the Macroplaza; in Sabinas in the Sports Unit; in Cuatro Ciénegas on the municipal track; in Monclova at the Ecoparte; in Saltillo on Paseo Capital; in Parras de la Fuente on the Santo Madero court.

Classes will be suspended at all levels due to the solar eclipse on April 8


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