Clavijo asks Europe to specify a solution for the distribution of minors

Clavijo asks Europe to specify a solution for the distribution of minors

The president of the Canary Islands, Fernando Clavijo, declared yesterday that it seems that “Europe is still not clear about what to do” regarding the care and distribution of migrant minors. Clavijo emphasized the “almost 5,700” migrant minors who are currently under the guardianship of the autonomous community in statements to the media before the inauguration of the forum ‘Towards the new migratory pact’, held at the Cicca cultural center in La Gran Canaria capital. “It is the great problem that persists on the islands, being able to serve them in a dignified manner and give them a future,” he stated.

In turn, the president of the Executive positively valued the European Union’s pact on migration and asylum: “They have finally agreed and a common policy has already been defined.” However, Clavijo considers that there is “a lot to advance” in the area of ​​immigration.

In this sense, the MEP of the European Democratic Party for the PNV, Izaskun Bilbao, highlighted that “There must be safe routes, there must be orderly reception and sufficient resources” to be able to give them adequate attention. In addition, he also highlighted the importance of “intervening in the countries of origin with strategic plans so that there is economic development, which will allow there to be social development.”

In his opinion, “Europe has done badly so far.” He highlighted that for many years it has been considered that immigration was “a problem of the south” and said that the positive part of the immigration pact is that “the focus has been changed, a decisive step to do things well from this moment on.” .


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