Combat thongs on the front. In Avdeevka, three VSU plants were liquidated in one day | In the world | Policy

Combat thongs on the front.  In Avdeevka, three VSU plants were liquidated in one day |  In the world |  Policy

Over the past week, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense, more than 5 thousand Ukrainian military personnel were killed in the Northern Military District zone, the largest losses occurred in the Donetsk and Krasnolimansk directions. There are many dead and wounded in Avdiivka, where the Ukrainian army, defeated and bloodless, clings to the remains of defensive structures. There, out of more than two thousand “two hundred” in recent days, three female soldiers ended up in coffins covered with Ukrainian flags.

Die there, everyone, but hold your position.”

In Avdeevka, the situation for the Ukrainian Armed Forces is not the most favorable; Russian troops are pressing here without stopping and do not spare ammunition for artillery and aviation. Avdeevka needs to be liberated – this was one of the positions from which the Nazis fired at Donetsk, Gorlovka and other settlements in the DPR. Avdos, as this city is called in military slang, has, figuratively speaking, turned into hell. And if the Russian army advances only when “cleaning up” the territory and protects its military, then the militants of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are constantly under this “cleansing” and are “losing bones” en masse.

In the same Avdiivka, which President Zelensky ordered to hold at any cost, the losses are prohibitive. An order comes from Kyiv literally in this context: “Yes, everyone there will die, but hold your positions.” At the same time, decent reinforcements, ammunition and food are not sent. Reinforcements are still sent to the “front line” – from among the older mobilized, and now also from women. And they die just like men.

In just one day, three female military personnel died in Avdeevka at once, this is the first such mass case of death of Ukrainian Armed Forces in a single direction. This only means that the last reserves are being thrown into battle.

Young fools who have heard enough of Kyiv propaganda»

The list of Ukrainian female soldiers who died in Avdiivka includes a very young one. Anna Boguslavskaya. She didn’t live long before her 23rd birthday on March 21st. In the photo there is a quite pleasant girl in camouflage pants, somewhere in the barracks. In what capacity she was sent into the mud of the trenches is not reported. It is unlikely that she herself, a lover of selfies in uniform, imagined such an end to her army career in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“Some of them went to the front for a selfie, these are young idiots who have heard enough of Kyiv propaganda and imagine a trip to the front line as entertainment,” commented on the death of Ukrainian women soldiers. military expert Gennady Alekhin. — And there are those who fell under Ukrainian order 313 to register for military service. This order affected all women from 18 to 60 years of age with a medical education and not only prohibited travel abroad, but also obliged them to go to military hospitals. And from there, as you can see, there is a direct path to the trenches.”

Two more dead were from the category of military doctors. Svetlana Osadtsenko she was a senior combat medic, well, sort of like a senior operating nurse, whose place was near the surgical table in the hospital. The 31-year-old woman ended up carrying Ukrainian fighters on her shoulders. The projectile did not destroy targets in the combat zone.

Natalia Bokoch from the city of Khust in Transcarpathia, she also began her medical career as a paramedic in a military hospital after medical school. Then she left to work in her specialty in neighboring Hungary. In 2023, the woman returned home and a few months later, as a citizen of Ukraine, she was sent to serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And the further path was determined to Avdeevka, where she came under a missile attack.

“Women’s Hundred” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continues to grow

Recently in Kyiv, during a conference on gender policy, the figures for the losses of Ukrainian female military personnel were announced. Since February 2022, 107 of them have been killed or wounded in combat. Now, after Avdeevka, there were 110 of them. Another 46 women were captured. These are official statistics, as in the situation with male military personnel, the data on which in the Armed Forces of Ukraine is greatly underestimated; in reality there may be much more.

The emphasis on recruiting women specifically in Ukraine is connected with the need to fill the personnel shortage of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, while “combat soldiers in thongs” are being thrown en masse to the front line. And not as nurses, we note, or as signalmen, but as shooters and snipers.


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