Commissions for card payments are prohibited

Commissions for card payments are prohibited


The project was unanimously endorsed with 446 votes in favor by all parliamentary groups.

The plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies approved a reform to prohibit the charging of commissions for payment with bank cards. The project was unanimously endorsed with 446 votes in favor by all parliamentary groups.

The reform that adds an article 7 Ter and reforms article 127 of the Federal Consumer Protection Law establishes that “it is prohibited for suppliers of goods, products or services to charge commissions, amounts, additional or equivalent charges to consumers when they use as means of payment, debit card, credit card or means of physical disposal of resources.”

It adds that those who engage in this practice may be subject to a fine that will range from 701.15 pesos to two million 243 thousand 671.49 pesos. In this regard, the PAN deputy, René Figueroa, considered that the ruling will improve the economic life of the population. He recalled that when paying by credit card, companies charge a commission for the use of the electrical terminal; However, “Condusef has stated that this practice is illegal,” which is why he requested that these acts be reported. At the time, deputy Maribel Martínez Ruiz (PT) maintained that the ruling will help put an end to abuses against consumers, “Condusef has recognized that there is no reason to transfer the payment of the cost to the consumer.”

Likewise, he pointed out that the procedures and complaints are cumbersome and full of bureaucracy, which is why he called on ProfecoyalaCondusef to facilitate the processing of complaints and review abuses by banking institutions. According to Condusef, it has been detected that some commercial establishments charge a “commission” or “surcharge” that can range from 3% to 5% of the total value of the purchase or service, when payment is made through a card. credit or debit. The above fails to comply with what businesses agree with banking institutions, since the contracts for the use of point-of-sale terminals clearly state that payment for this service should not affect the cost of the goods and services promoted by the businesses. businesses with their clientele. The project specifies that the benefits that establishments have from the use of point-of-sale terminals are greater than the costs they should assume: “Passing these costs to consumers is a practice that should not occur.” Representative Blanca Araceli Narro (Morena) indicated that preventing additional charges from credit or debit cards “is an act of consistency and social justice.”


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